Horse Racing: World Cup could not maintain the standard

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Horse Racing: World Cup could not maintain the standard

Much of the attention of the sports analysts and all those involved in the horse business was caught up the Dubai World Cup that took place at the ever famous Meydan racecourse over a synthetic surface just like it did last year. Nonetheless, what most of
the critics and journalists felt was the fact that the standard of the racing in edition of the mega event had declined from last year.

The fans of the sport and connections of Gloria De Campeao were shocked by the performance of the racehorse in the Dubai World Cup of 2010. This year, this shock was given by the racehorse Transcend who was as short as 40-1 for the event.

On the other hand, many other journalists are of the view that it has not been much time since the inception of the event and thus it is not very easy to assess whether the graph of the quality racing in the desert of Dubai is going up or down.

Many others that have some know how of the sport are of the view that the unexpected slow pace of some of the best racehorses can be attributed to the new synthetic surface at Meydan, however, this cannot be said with certainty as there could be numerous
other underlying causes of these sub standards at this championship.

As for the tight finish this year, the main cause that is being considered is the performance of the racehorse Transcend. He started off pretty well and was in the lead in the beginning of the race but was then toppled over by the champion from the distressed
country Japan. Under the champion jockey Micro Demuro, Victoire Pisa stepped in courageously to overcome the early lead of Transcend.

One of the other major disappointments that was seen on the track on Meydan was the incredibly poor performance of the racehorse Twice Over. Before the Dubai World has begun, it was expected that the racehorse would claim the event this time so as to avenge
his loss that he had to suffer in the last year’s edition of the same event. Nonetheless, he could only manage to finish the race in the ninth place.

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