Australian women’s hockey team overpowers China in 3rd test of six-match series: 3-0

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Australian women’s hockey team overpowers China in 3rd test of six-match series: 3-0

The Australian Women’s hockey team clinched a 3-0 win over China in the third test of the six-match series that was staged on Monday, October 31, at the Bunbury Hockey Stadium, in Australia.

The Hockeyroos took a smothering hold in the six-match series, marking three wins in a row. Chinese, the fifth placed team according to the world ranking, is in a state of shock after three back to back defeats.

The Australian women’s squad was in the lead from the beginning of the fixture, 3-0 at halftime. The results reminded the onlookers of their very similar performances, 1-0 and 3-1 in the previous two matches of the series.

Australian Women’s Hockey Coach, Adam Commens, was happy with the performance of his players in the series.

He explained, “To beat a team of China’s quality three games in a row is a very good achievement, particularly when you consider the fact that we are using 36 players throughout this series and there have been so many changes made between games. I think
it’s a testament to the depth of our squad”.

Commenting specifically on the third game, he stated that the Aussies rendered impressive performances, contesting the game in the first 20 minutes at a frantic pace.

However, he stated, they failed to maintain their skill-level and availed no opportunities in the remaining period.

The Hockeyroos began the match at a great speed as they did in the previous two games, looking to establish their early lead. They marked three goals in the beginning minutes, putting the opponents under pressure in the crucial game.

The Australian team received a short corner and gave the youngster, Georgia Nanscawen, a chance to light the lamp. She worked hard to win her 50th career victory. She volleyed a powerful shot into the goal, earning the first goal of the day.

The Hockeyroos continued their fast and furious style of play, accomplishing back to back attacks against China. Their efforts served them in terms of another short corner within minutes.

Anna Flanagan put her side ahead of China with a 2-0 advantage, building her reputation as a master drag flicker. She sent a direct flicking shot into the goal. The Chinese skipper had no chance to stop the ball at any occasion.

The couple of goals in the beginning minutes further boosted the morale of the Aussies as they dragged the lead up to three.

Kate Hollywood, who made a comeback into the squad after a long time, converted the third short corner for the home team, increasing the advantage by 3-0.

They upheld the lead till the halftime and did not give the opponents a chance to make a comeback.

Although, the home side failed to add any goal to its score in the second half action, it did not lose its grip over the defence. After an end-to-end play throughout the second frame, Australia won the match by 3-0.

The third straight victory in the series will help the Australian women’s team in building up their strength for the next year’s London Olympics.

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