Who will win between Andre Ward and Allan Green?

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Andre Ward the American World Boxing Association WBA Middleweight champion will defend his title against fellow American Allan Green in Oracle Arena in Oakland, California on June 19th. A question arises in everybody’s mind at the moment that, who will win between Andre Ward and Allan Green? Ward who will be making his first WBA title defense since winning the title on November 21, 2009 when he defeated Mikkel Kessler in the Super Six World Boxing Classic. The fight was stopped in the 11th round due to cut marks on Kessler’s face which were caused by accidental head butts by Ward. The match was thus decided on points and Ward was far ahead of Kessler as the score board showed 98-92, 98-92 and 97-93. Allan Green a winner of six consecutive fights replaced Jermain Taylor and entered the “Super six World Boxing Classic”. He will be competing for his first world title and is comfortable on winning it this time.
After Green fights with Andre Ward he will move towards the Stage 3 of the Super Six World Boxing Classic and will face Mikkel Kessler the Denmark’s Viking Warrior. Ward is looking forward for the fight and is totally confident in retaining his belt and not losing to the fellow American. The former Olympic gold medalist Ward is nowadays busy in training for his match against Allan Green. Green is tall and strong with dynamite in both fists; he prides himself on power and loves to win by a knockout. Both the fighters are talented in their own ways, are extremely athletic and flexible with fast punches and great movement. This fight between the two will be thrilling and most viewers’ friendly matchups of the Super Six tournament so far. This is because of the fact that both the fighters have the capacity to mix well together in the ring and both of them understand the moves and tactics of the other player.
During their last fight Ward and Green both stood victorious but Ward was much impressive as he defeated the former WBA Champion Mikkel Kessler. Some believe that Ward will be comfortable in his match against the veteran Green but it could be wrong as after his win against Kessler Ward has become hungrier for a win and has proved that he can hang with the top fighters in the division. Ward will be looking to win this tournament and if he keeps the type of performances he showed against Kelly Pavlik and Paul Williams then he can definitely reach his goal. Green on the other hand should also not be overlooked as he himself looks extremely hungry. Green is happier than ever about the match against Ward. It is because of the fact that he at last gets a chance to win the middleweight title belt for the first time. Green was willing to fight Sakio Bika to determine who will replace Jermain Taylor but at the last moment Sakio Bika got cold feet and pulled himself away from the fight. According to some experts, hometown advantage will be a plus point for Ward as it will give him mental edge. Aside from the hometown advantage the performance given by Ward against Kessler will play an important role as it would put him in a good spot against Green.
As said before that the match will be a fast paced and will be featuring two swift, skilled and experienced boxers. Both of the boxers will be in their top forms; however Green will have the power edge on Ward but still it would be difficult for him to keep Ward quite as at the moment he is at the top of his game. This fight seems like it would go into the 12th round battle in a closely contested fight. Only a deserving fighter will walk out of the ring with the title belt around his waist. As Ward is ahead on points therefore Green needs to earn points in order to secure victory. This can only be possible by a knock out early in the rounds. The question now stands that who will win the title. Will Andre Ward be able to walk away with his title or will Green knock him down by his powerful punches? All this will be answered on Saturday June 19.

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