Sam Obst’s detailed Rugby League performance so far

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Sam Obst’s detailed Rugby League performance so far

Sam Obst is an Australian Rugby League player who took off his league career with Sydney Roosters in 2001 and stayed there at the club until 2002. During his short stay at his debuting club, the player participated in a total of seven games, but Obst failed
to make any contributions to the scorecard with no tries or field goals under his belt.   

The player went on the hiatus after he finished his term at the Roosters in 2002, only to venture back in 2004 with Whitehaven. Obst’s profile had registered a progress during his stay at the club where he played 25 games in total and scored 18 tries. He
also booted a total of four field goals and earned 80 points. The highlight of his year at Whitehaven was when he won the National League One Player of the Year in 2004.

After finishing his term with Whitehaven on a high note in 2004, the player joined in with Wakefield Trinity Wildcats in 2005. Over there, the Australian utility spent years at the same club supporting number 14 jersey. His on-field performance was so brilliant
at Wakefield that his stay at the club was always extended after his previous term expired.

During his elaborate stay at Wakefield, the player played a total of 137 games and touched down 44 times, where he booted a total of 7 goals and earned 190 points for his side. His profile with Wildcats was studded with prestigious honour – Man of Steel
(best player for club) which was gained twice by him, in 2008 and 2009.

In 2011, Obst agreed to a two-year-deal with Super League club Hull. The half-back / hooker was sold to Hull FC for an undisclosed fee, in February, 2011, after the financially constraint club was going through a rough patch. Wildcats hurried into the deal
with Hull, before the Spirit of 1873 group could take over the responsibility of the club.

The Spirit of 1873 is a consortium led by the local businessman Andrew Glover, which had signed a deal with the club to guide them out of their financial crisis. In a statement released by the consortium, it said, “The company wants all our loyal fans to
understand that this transaction has taken place before we have been able to sign off on our ownership of the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and that the company is not a party to Sam’s sale. While we are sad to see Sam leave Wakefield, we’re proud of the service
that he’s given to the club and wish him well. We also recognise that his leaving frees up a quota spot in the squad that will allow us, once we have full control of the club, to bring in a new front-row player.”

Obst is a Rugby League star who will no more offer services at Wakefield and this was a very essential step for the club’s survival which was otherwise drawing closer to a petition brought in by HM Revenue and Customs. The petition had been filed because
the club had an unpaid tax amounting up to over £300,000.  

This step was very important otherwise the club would have lost its long term status in the elite competition. This year the Super League license had to be renewed for the upcoming next three years and if Wildcats would not have opted for this way, they
would have easily bulldosed all chances of winning next three years’ Super League license.

However, Wakefield won Super League License after the defunct Super League club, Crusaders, pulled itself out of the licensing procedure. Now, that Wakefield is preparing for Super League, Obst will be missed a great deal at Wakefield but as he has recently
agreed to a 12-month deal with Co-Operative Championship club Keighley Cougars.


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