Rubens Barrichello in love with Williams

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Rubens Barrichello in love with Williams

The Williams driver, Rubens Barrichello is as happy as he could be. The driver after having spent a long time of his life in the Formula One series believes that now he has finally got the team that is bringing the very best out of him.

Barrichello holds the record of being the only racer to have seen already seen 18 seasons with the highest ranking auto racing series of the world and is now getting prepared for the 19th year of his career. Over the years, the veteran has drove
with several teams including, Jordan, Stewart, Ferrari and Honda/Brawn. However, he believes that his relationship with Williams is the best. Although he has been with the team only for a year now, yet he believes that the bond developed between the two is
really strong and productive for both.

The 38-years-old has witnessed a lot with the series. In many manners he has grown up with Formula One, similarly the sport has also evolved right in front of him in many ways. He is one of the very few men that have seen and undergone a lot of changes with
the series and stands as a spectator of the so many ups and downs of the Formula One world. Moreover, he is also the man who has seen the most of all the changes brought in the rules and regulations of the sport over the years. With all this immense knowledge,
Barrichello believes that Williams is taking the maximum possible benefit from his technical feedback, which is not only very encouraging for him but is also boosting both the team’s performance and his sense of belonging.

While talking to the media earlier this week the driver proclaimed, “It’s been one of the best times of my career. Like I’ve said before, all the teams that have employed me have used me well enough for their benefit, but not as well as Williams have used
me. They hear me fully, and they actually act.”

He further expressed a lot of optimism for the years to come and believes that the team will once again rise to the glory it has always been famous for. Although, Williams has not been able to score brilliantly in the 2010 season but the entire squad believes
that the season taught them a good deal of lessons, which will help them in the years to come.

Moreover, while talking to the media, Barrichello dismissed all the speculations that Williams is a stern team and is very hard on its drivers. Since a long time the team has the reputation of being overly formal and strict but the Brazilian believes that
this is one of the places where he has enjoyed the most.

He explained saying, “I had the image of Williams like an Alan Jones type of thing – you’ve got to be hard, you’ve got to be stressed. The relationship between them seemed that Alan was tough, and the team was tough, and then ‘bang, bang, bang, bang’. It
looked like that form the outside! But inside, it’s different.”

He accepted that the team has a lot of hard workers but at the same time he reckons that the element of smiles and conversations is also present, which makes the environment very nice. He concluded saying that there are only a very few teams that actually
make its drivers just feel safe.

Barrichello finished the 2010 season at 10th place in the drivers’ standings and was only able to get 47 points all through the season. Although the driver is capable of a far better performance but the Williams’ car, last season, was not very
competitive. Also, the team was only able to end at 6th place in the constructors’ charts but is very hopeful for a far better season ahead.

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