Krzysztof Wlodarczyk beats Francisco Palacios in Poland – Boxing news

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Krzysztof Wlodarczyk beats Francisco Palacios in Poland – Boxing news

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk made a successful defence of his World Boxing Council title against Francisco Palacios, in the WBC Cruiserweight Championship bout, by winning a controversial split decision at the Hala Luczniczka, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The former International Boxing Federation Cruiserweight World Champion, Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, is currently the WBC Cruiserweight champion. Wlodarczyk’s nickname is ‘Diablo’ or ‘Big Truck’ in the boxing world. He is an Orthodox stance boxer with 186 cm height
and 191 cm reach.

The Polish boxer has fought forty-seven times, of which he has won forty-four fights which include thirty-two wins by knockout, with two losses of bouts and one draw.

Wlodarczyk started his boxing career against Andrei Georgiev in 2000, where he won after a knockout decision. After 20 consecutive wins, the Polish boxer suffered his first ever loss in 2003, against Pavel Melkomyan in Germany, as he lost his World Boxing
Association Inter-Continental cruiserweight title.

After winning seventeen more fights, Wlodarczyk faced the second loss of his career in 2007, against Steve Cunningham at Katowice in Poland, where he lost his International Boxing Federation Cruiserweight Title.

Wlodarczyk won the WBC Cruiserweight Title after a technical knockout decision, in a re-match over Giacobbe Fragomeni in 2010. The Polish boxer then made the first successful defence of his title against Jason Robinson at Warsaw the same year.

In his last fight against Francisco Palacios, he made the second defence of his title, where he won after a split decision.

Francisco Palacios is an orthodox stance boxer with 188 cm height. The 33-year-old’s professional boxing record suggests that the current defeat has now worsened his record. Palacios has won twenty consecutive fights from his total of twenty-one fights,
which include thirteen wins by knockout, with one loss of bout and no draw. Palacios faced the first ever defeat of his career against Corey Surrency.

Palacios fought tactically from the beginning, as he did not allow Wlodarczyk to effectively attack or even counter attack throughout the fight. The technique of changing positions proved to be very effective against Wlodarczyk.

Wlodarczyk caught the Puerto Rican around the ropes and hurt himself badly while dispatching a powerful right hand to Palacios.

At the end of the bout, the three judges announced the final results. Two of the scorecard points, 116-113 and 118-112 were in Wlodarczyk’s favour. The third one was won by Palacios with a 115-113 scorecard point. The fight was called-off leading to a split
decision in Wlodarczyk’s favour.

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