Protective measures while cycling on wet road

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Cycling is a healthy activity, which helps in; maintain a proper balance in the lifecycle of human beings. Cycling is energetic, effervescent and a highly competitive sport. People enjoy riding to remain fit and to save money sometimes. Economically cycling
is feasible as it performs the function of moving from places to places. Besides being beneficial, it is a dangerous exercise as well. It becomes dangerous when the roads are wet which makes riding difficult due to less friction. These dangers cannot be eliminated
completely but by taking certain measures, we can reduce the risk associated while riding cycles during rainy seasons. Basically when you are riding your bicycle in wet roads, there is no protective shielding available for the rider to protect himself/herself
which increases the risk as compared to the car. Rain comes from all the directions, and the first thing which should be done by the cyclist is to wear proper clothes for a rainy season. If cotton clothes get wet, it is indeed very inconvenient for the rider
to ride his/her bicycle. Rainproof cycling clothes must be used.

Cycling on the wet roads dose not only makes the riding uncomfortable but it does bring along many side effects for the basic parts of the cycle. Tires of the cycles lose the grip on the road while riding on the wet roads eventually rider has to move slow
and be careful while taking sharp turns in order to avoid skidding. For all those who wish to ride on the wet road, if the road is clear, try taking a larger turn, which decreases the risk of dangers of slipping. The most important part of riding is while
taking turns. On wet roads if you find that you will need to take a sharper turn through the corner partway through, you are heading toward danger. Fresh tires should be preferred as the will give better grip in most of the conditions.

Brakes are affected by the wet road and make it less effective. To make them functional in wet conditions it is important to keep some light pressure on brake pads. These pads are very helpful when they rub against the wheel rim, wiping away the water and
making it effective when pressed. Use of fenders helps in wiping off the dirt that ends up on your bike. Do not forget to clean these pads because the dirt is embedded in the pad. Use leather-faced brake shoes, which will help you to avoid any single accident.
Lube chain attached to the cycle is also very good idea of having a smooth ride while riding but avoid using thinner lube, which is attached to the chain because after the ride your bicycle chain will rust very soon. This proves that greasing the seat post
and the bolt threads is necessary.

It is very difficult to ride on the wet road. It does not only affect the bicycle parts but makes the visibility poor for the rider. At such cases, it is necessary for the rider to wear yellow lenses and clear glasses so that any sort of accidents can be
avoided. The spray coming from the nearby cars makes the visibility poorer so does prefer wearing a flashy raincoat. Before heading out on the road make sure you are all ready to cycle on the wet road. Many accidents occur while riding on the wet roads so
make sure you ride carefully. Wear w cap underneath the helmet you wear and put your head down a little on raise it when you have to see the path above. Avoid ridding through puddles and pay special attention while riding on the metal surfaces.

It is extremely amazing if you ride while it is raining because you get a chance to enjoy the weather but precautionary measures are necessary.

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