Exquisite action at the Monday Night Raw, August 15 2011

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This week at the red Brand of Raw the WWE superstars left no room in making the WWE universe stun, as the exquisite action was there to be seen in the wake of the newly crowned WWE undisputed champion Alberto Del Rio-who cashed his Money in the Bank contract
at the event of Summer Slam.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne def. WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in a Non-Title Match  

A match lavished with high flyers and risk takers to compete against the power houses was a sight to witness with anticipation. The match between two of the most agile and resilient superstars against the reigning tag-team champions was a blended entertainer.
The duo of Kingston and Bourne were peerless in making their coordination and harmony prevail for a win.

Otunga and McGillicutty on the other hand had the impact of being known as the fierce competitors and formidable ones. After moments of exhilaration and exuberance the tag team champions were merely unable to get a hold of the dreadlocked Dynamo. The finisher
was a structured one, as Kofi’s stunning trouble in paradise was followed by Bourne’s patented Shooting Star Press for a defying victory.

John Morrison defeated R-Truth in a Falls Count Anywhere Match     

The rivalry between the two of the most distinct superstars of the WWE took an intense bent when Truth was left in dismay as he lost the WWE title opportunity against the Shaman of Sexy John Morisson. Raging in anger, Truth battered his opponent to the apex
and let him get aware of the fact the Truth really disliked in—fact hated his loss.

Morisson sidelined with a neck injury, kept calm for the right time to strike the void and making his return he retaliated and repaid the grief acts of Truth. With that the no-more fast rapping superstar reacted unlikely and got stunned with his rival’s

This week at the red brand the two competitors were seen in action and the match’s stipulation helped the prince of Parkour Morisson to attain the best advantage he could have. So he did and punished Truth outside the ring with a suplex in a seated position
which was followed by a running knee smash.

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