Chinese Leading Polo Player Liu Shilai optimistic for sport’s development in country

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Chinese Leading Polo Player Liu Shilai optimistic for Polo sport’s development in the country

Liu Shilai, the leading Chinese polo player, is quite confident about the development of the polo sport in Asia. He believes that the breeding of ponies, along with quality training will help in promoting the sport, not only in the country but also in the
entire region.

Liu Shilai, Chairman of the Jing Jung Investment Company (Limited), started playing polo back in 2005 and instantly hooked on to the sport.

He funded Tang Polo Club that organised the first ever Royal Salute Gold Cup 2011 China Open Polo Tournament one week ago.

The leading Chinese player trained for a span of six years and played polo across the globe.  He won the US Polo Open Championship (Four-goal handicap) back in 2008.

Speaking to the media, he said that he started playing polo as it is a difficult sport that needs speed and obsession.

As one of the best polo players in the country, it is his responsibility to promote the sport at the grass-root level in the country, he added.

He further stated that the establishment of Tang Polo Club was the need of the hour, to help his country remain in line with the international standards.

The legendary player further said that he really wanted the members and the guests of the club to play their role to promote the sport and to pass on the love for the sport to the next generations as well.

Commenting on the professional polo tournament, Liu Shilai observed, “It is a milestone in promoting an all-round development of professional polo tournament in China. In terms of the duration it is the longest in modern Chinese polo history. It is the first
time to have such a large scale quality tournament in China”.

Replying to a query regarding important steps required to flourish polo in the country, he underscored, “We need to be able to breed polo ponies. With the right breeding program, we will be able to make it easier for more people to be introduced into polo”.

He maintained that they will also need quality training in order to produce more local trainers. He added that he wanted Facundo Pieres of Argentina to play in the Tang Polo Club.

The efforts of such individuals will surely help in endorsing sport in the country. Owing to the contributions of Liu Shilai in the sport of Polo, China is looking forward to attaining higher standards in the game.

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