Both Lemieux and Rubio are excited to win the bout

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Both Lemieux and Rubio are excited to win the bout

The Mexican national middleweight, Marco Antonio Rubio is going to fight with the Canadian national, middleweight contender, David Lemieux on Friday night for the world boxing council (WBC) Middleweight Title Eliminator bout at the Bell Centre in Montreal,

The 22-years-old, Lemieux has fought 25 fights and fortunately never lost a single one. Interestingly, he won 24 consecutive fights without any loss and draw of bout.

Lemieux has been very impressive throughout his career. He fought all of his fights in Canada, although his rival, Antonio Rubio is going to fight for the first time in Canada after making a first ever loss to his career on debut in America.

After winning his 6 consecutive fights Rubio is very confident to win over Lemieux. Lemieux wants to make a big difference by knocking him down in the early rounds. On the other hand, there is no denying fact that Rubio is a big puncher and he is not under-estimating
his opponents strengths. Rubio is also aiming to knock him down as early as possible.     

No doubt, both the fighters have promised to knockout each other and trash talk has been exchanged by them but strength-wise Rubio is very hard hitter with one-punch knockout ability.

In his early fights Rubio has dispelled his extraordinary boxing skills towards renowned opponents in his division.

Grady Brewer, Alfredo Cuevas, Rigoberto Alvarez , Jose Luis Zertuche, Wilson Santana and Frankie Randall are the famous victims of Rubio. Rubio has fought against better opposition in his past comparing to Lemieux in his professional career.

Lemieux has just started his professional career. He has never been against the fighters like his current opponent Rubio. So that could be the toughest night for him at Bell Center. It depends with which fight plan he intends to implement into the ring against
his competitor and that would be interesting to see as well for the fight viewers.

Hopefully, the fight will be interesting to see as it is expected. So whoever emerges victorious from the match can expect much prospect in his respective division.

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