Wojciech Szczesny claims that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is the best manger in the world

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Wojciech Szczesny claims that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is the best manger in the world


Arsenal’s Polish keeper, Wojciech Szczesny has gone on to state that Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the world, despite him not winning any trophies with the club for the last six years. However the keeper went on to add, that if any manager is going
to help the Gunners win any trophies, it’s going to be Wenger.

After going through another promising season, with no trophies, most people have gone on criticise the French manager. In fact some Gunners fans have even started to point the finger at Wenger, after spending six years trying for him to do his magic with
the team once again. However Szczesny strongly believes that no one can question the manager’s methods, since they are quite possibly the best philosophies to build a club on.

When talking about the criticism that the manager has, had to endure, the keeper is reported to have said: “It is ridiculous. If you ask any of the players, they will stand by the manager”

“He built this thing from nothing and I believe he is the best manager in the world.

“He puts his reputation on the line with young players.”

One of the players who has benefited from this philosophy on the manager is Szczesny. When everyone was expecting the manager to make a signing in the January transfer window, to bring in a back-up keeper, the manager waved off those demands and stated that
he had a more than competent keeper in the form of Szczesny.

The manager could have not been any righter, the player made his Premier League debut against Manchester United and his Champions League debut against Barcelona. Arsenal lost their game against United, but that was via a freak goal, which quite possibly
no one in the world could have stopped. On the other hand, Arsenal went on to beat Barcelona in Szczesny’s Champions League debut by two goals to one. The keeper played brilliantly throughout the game and made some brilliant saves and managed to only concede
when David Villa sprung the off-side trap and was one on one with the keeper. Since then, the keeper has gone on to emerge as one of the brightest young keepers in the game today and is also being regarded as the reason as to why Wenger won’t be bringing in
a new keeper at the end of the season.

Szczesny, who is overflowing with confidence, feels that next season could be the season when Arsenal finally win something. The player ended by stating: “We believe we are good enough, that we have a lot of years in front of us and a lot of trophies to
win – so let’s be patient and show next year that we are good enough to win it.”

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