The Friday Night SmackDown Report –Christian wins the Steel Cage Match

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The Friday Night SmackDown Report –Christian wins the Steel Cage Match:

Friday 18th March, The Captain Charisma took the victory in the main event of WWE Friday night SmackDown. He won his Steel Cage Match against the Number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Alberto Del

The Friday night show started at Sprint Center, Kansas with a non-title match between the World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Brodus Clay. Del Rio also joined Clay and stood outside the ring with his personal ring announcer Ricardo
Rodriguez. When Edge tried to hit the Spear on Clay, Rodriguez distracted the referee while Del Rio clutched the ankle of Edge; that allowed Clay to ram with Edge. Christian also rushed to the ring side to help the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian started
beating Del Rio; Clay stopped Christian and hit him a “Headbutt”. The ultimate opportunist took the advantage of those moments and hit the Spear to Clay. Edge pinned Clay and took the victory after three counts.

When the match ended, Del Rio hit a dropkick on Edge. Christian recovered again and started beating Del Rio. Watching this situation, the SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long appeared on the Entrance Ramp with his music and made
a blockbuster announcement. He announced that Del Rio and Christian will fight one-on-one match. The match would be played in a Steel Cage so that no one could interrupt the match.

A champion Vs Champion match was played between Sheamus and Kofi Kingston. Sheamus is United State Champion whereas Kingston is an Intercontinental Champion. Sheamus defeated the IC Champion after hitting the “Brogue Kick”.

Cody Rhodes fought his match against “The Dude Buster” Trent Barreta and defeated him with viscous head butts. Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters by using “Ankle Lock”. After the match, Michael Cole also joined his trainer Swagger
for an “Ankle Lock”.

“The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show and “The Big Red Monster” Kane played the Tag Team Championship match against Corre’s members Justin Gabriel and Health Slater. After a huge punishment, the Largest Athletes hit Slater the
Chokeslam. He pinned Slater for three counts but Gabriel pulled the referee out of the ring when referee was near to third count. The intentional disqualification by Gabriel preserved their Tag Team Championship. Kane started beating Gabriel but the rest of
the Corre came into the ring and attacked Kane and Big Show. Ezekiel Jackson hit Clothesline and Wade Barrett delivered “Wasteland” on Big Show. They hit Kane with the steel ring steps several time and made him out of order. Focusing on Big Show again, Barrett
and Jackson lifted him up and dropped him on the announce table over his first-shoulder. It caused the shoulder injury to the Big Show.

The Master of 619, Rey Mysterio came into action against the Rhodes’ tag team partner Ted DiBiase, who came into the ring along with WWE Diva Maryse. Mysterio, after hitting “619” and “Splash En Route”, won the match.

In Diva’s fight, LayCool’s tag team partner, Layla won the match against Kelly Kelly with the interruption of her partner Michelle McCool.

WWE’s main event, the Steel Cage Match between Christian and Del Rio was the last event of Friday night show. Del Rio came from the side of Entrance Ramp in his Bentley Car. Captain Charisma won that match by escaping over the
top of the Steel Cage. After the match, Edge came out and tried to smash Del Rio’s car with a steel chair but Clay attacked him from behind. Clay hit Edge with steel chair on his back. Reaching entrance area, Del Rio also beat Edge. He put the Edge’s left
arm onto the steel chair and crushed that hand with hitting another steel chair. The show ended with the painful submission on the World Heavyweight Champion by Del Rio.

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