Piaget wins over the Wanderers in USPA National 20-Goal Tournament: Match Analysis

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Piaget wins over the Wanderers in USPA National 20-Goal Tournament: Match Analysis

Marc Ganzi scored the game-winner in the second overtime to carry Piaget to a 14-13 win over the Wanderers in the second round match of the 2011 UPSA (United States Polo Association) National Twenty-Goal Tournament.

The game was decided after eight chukkas of play that took place at the Grand Champions Polo Club, in Wellington, Florida, on November 10.

Before the game started, the Wanderers held an advantage of one goal in the head of lower handicaps.

Nic Roldan (Piaget) scored a goal at the beginning minute of the first period, tying the knots at one-all. Sugar Erskine, however, scored a goal from the field, regaining a single goal lead for the Wanderers, 2-1, at the end of the first set of play.

The second period was completely belonged to Piaget that acquired three goals while shutting down the Wanderers’ attack in the seven and a half minutes of play.

Marc Ganzi and his teammate, Nic Roldan, scored two and one goal, respectively for Piaget. At the end of the second chukka, Piaget was hanging on to a two-goal lead, 4-2.

However, the lead did not continue for long time. The Wanderers flexed their muscles in the third set of play, scoring two goals while holding opponents, Piaget, goalless.

Brandon Phillips was the player scored twice in the very short span of period. One out these two goals was scored on a penalty shot while other from the field.

At halftime, the two foursomes were locking horns at four-all.

The fourth set of play was quite an aggressively played period with both the teams scoring five goals in the seven and a half minutes of play.

Sugar Erskine and Phillips added two and one goal respectively, increasing the Wanderers’ lead up to three goals, 7-4. However, the players from Piaget were not sitting idly and watching the game go by.

 Roldan and Ganzi (Piaget) accounted for one goal apiece, reducing the difference to a single goal, 7-6.

Natascha Baecher (Piaget) scored a goal at the beginning minute of the second last period, making a tie at seven-all. Roldan notched another goal regaining a single-goal advantage, 8-7.

However, the lead changed hands with the Wanderers in the very few minutes. Brandon Phillips scored two goals while his teammate, Joey Casey, added one from the field.

Roldan once again came into action and scored a goal from the field.  But Piaget was trailing by a single goal, 10-9, with one chukka left to play.

The final set of play was an enthralling period filled with lot of attacks and counterattacks, fouls and goals.

Brandon Phillips scored two times while Sugar Erskine accounted for a single goal for the Wanderers. From the other side, Roldan and Ganzi scored two goals each, in the very short span of four minutes, tying the knots at 13-13.

The two foursomes failed to break the deadlock, as the time expired with the two teams locking horns at thirteen-all.

Interestingly, the two teams failed to add any goals to their score in the first overtime. After a tiny break, the duo teams moved into the second overtime.

Piaget and the Wanderers played cautiously in the second extra-period, accomplishing back to back attacks against each other.

Marc Ganzi made a lengthy ride, volleying a powerful shot into the goal and sealing the victory for Piaget by 14-13.

It was one of the best games in the history of American polo that enthralled a lot to the onlookers.

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