Fiorentina manager Mihajlovic happy over victory against Genoa, Behrami hailed as hero

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Fiorentina manager Mihajlovic happy over victory against Genoa, Behrami hailed as hero

The manager of Italian outfit Fiorentina, Sinisa Mihajlovic is exuberant over Viola’s victory which will help them turnover their recent poor performances.

Mihajlovic has hailed Valon Behrami as the man responsible for victory. Behrami has been in top notch form this season, often leading as the cornerstone in most triumphs of Gigliati.

Last season Fiorentina finished 11th in the Serie A table. This season they have struck rock bottom with a stream of bad performances early on. Mid season injuries have also affected their performance but as some of their featured players recover
from bench other key players on field lack in providing the perfect dose of catalyst in reviving Fiorentina’s season.

This season they are currently position 14th in the paramount Italian League, Serie A. they have recorded just 6 home victories making therefore they are yet to win an away match.

Fiorentina have been part of 23 fixtures from which they have acquired 25 points along with a goal difference of -2. These dismissive performances of the team have forced fans to protest against their own team.

Though they have defeated Genoa with a lone goal to nil, making them climb u the table, somewhat this will not affect their season majorly as the club demands for extensive investment.

By bringing in new and talented blood can only rejuvenation take place. They can actually base the future of remainder of Serie A season on this victory.

While talking to media the manager of Fiorentina Mihajlovic stated, “It is an important victory and could not be otherwise. The lads gave their absolute all on the field and when we play like that, it is very difficult for us to lose.”

After appreciating his team members he supported the fan support and hoped everything will even out, “This performance is what the fans wanted too and I think everyone is happy with what we saw this evening.”

This also happened to be Behrami’s debut fixture; hence one can call it a dream debut. Behrami has just recently completed his loan move from West Ham United during the January transfer window. His papers have been confirmed this close in fall.

On Behrami Mihajlovic commented, “Behrami gave us the necessary grit and determination in midfield, despite the fact he’s still only around 50 per cent fit.”

He concluded by stating, “The team has always been on my side. I will admit that, even if I don’t agree with what happened after the defeat to Lazio, the protest from supporters did paradoxically help us.” 

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