Ferrari put efforts on improving its single-lap form

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Ferrari putting efforts on improving its single-lap form

‘Formula 1’ Ferrari team has recently informed the media that its focus is on improving single-lap speed in the race, as it followed a disappointing season start in Melbourne, Australia.

Ferrari Deputy Director, Pat Fry, proclaimed that the team was happy with the race pace, while it is focusing on its one-lap performance for the season’s second race.

He said that after the season-opener race, they spent much of their time in analyzing all the data that was acquired in Australia, which cleared the fact that their pace in Melbourne was definitely better than the one they had
in qualifying session.

Ferrari had put a lot of focus on the tyres and its working, however after the serious analysis, conclusion was made that the team must focus on enhancing its single-lap speed during the race.

He added, “In addition, we have looked at that other important factor, aerodynamics, to see in which areas we can unlock more of the car’s potential. The results of all these studies have provided us with the basis of a test programme
which we will be working through in Malaysia”.

Fry told the media that Ferrari has put some new parts in the new 2011 car, which would be tested in the races of Malaysia and China, in hope of closing the gap to front of the field.

He also mentioned that, “After analyzing qualifying and race data from Melbourne, there are already things we plan to change and improve for Malaysia. These will be added in to an already busy pre-planned test programme with further
aerodynamic updates that were always planned for this race”.

Ferrari arrived in Melbourne with high expectations but was unable to show their excellent performance over the race field. The team driver, Fernando Alonso, did not manage the fastest lap of the course and lost his points to the
race winner, Sebastian Vettel. Alonso finished his average run for the team while his team-mate, Felipe Massa, put Ferrari in seventh of slot with his good run in the race. On the other hand, Pirelli predicted three to four stops for the Sepang race due to
the high temperature and dramatic tyre degradation.

The Malaysian ‘Grand Prix’ will take place on 10th April, in Sepang.

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