When legends die; Laurent Figon

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When the legend die, the dreams end and there is no more greatness left behind. Cycling star Laurent Fignon died August 31 from a terrible cancer. Legendry star was lost but still the game he played is embedded in the heart of every lover of cycling. He
was born on 12 August 1960, was a French board cycler who became the source of inspiration. His remarkable and commendable game was so popular that every other upcoming cyclist looked up to him.

Throughout his career, he won loads of cycling competitions. He won one of the most important and famous ‘tour de France’ in 1983 and in 1984. Unfortunately, he was unable to win it the third time. Winning dose not only matter but also showing how confidently
you deal after losing.

History of Laurent Fignon clearly demonstrates that he was one of the greatest cyclists ever known. Listing, another great achievement: he won Giro d’Italia in 1989. Amazingly, his first game was football but the legend says it all after achieving tremendous
awards in the field of cycling.

Laurent Figon’s first game was football and he was good at it. He also went ahead to play for his department but his friends encouraged him in cycling. He won his first race which boosted his confidence level. Most surprisingly he won 18 races out of 36
races in his third year of cycling. this proved him the most professional,focused and intelligent rider of all times.

It is worth calling Laurent a legend because the history explains that his family never encouraged his talent of cycling but he did not give up and continued cycling. In the third year of his cycling career, he won 18 out of 36 races; undoubtfully he added
a great fame to his country. At the age of 21, he became the member of Renault-Elf-Gitane team in 1982. In the same year he won Criterium National is a two-day bicycle stage race, which is held in French in spring. Hence, this was considered one of his greatest

New York Times issued the issue that Grand Prix de la liberation showed that Laurent used central nervous stimulant, amphetamine. Francois Alaphilippe, president of the French Cycling Federation, confirmed positive tests. This clearly shows how determined
he was regarding his work. The rumor of having amphetamine did not hinder the success of Laurent. He continued cycling, and bought immense pleasures for his country. In 1988, he won Milan-San Remo, one of the longest races of 298km and today it is one of the
classic cycling of Europe.

He was the man with great physical and mental ability. Winning tour of Italy in 1989 added a great honour to his career. Tour of Italy is cycling competition held in Italy in may/ June. The racing competition lasts for three weeks and it is the part of UCI
world ranking calender.

La Flèche Wallonne is the race held in Belgium. Laurent managed to grab the first position in this race in 1986. His continuous win in successive year shows his passion for cycling being a football player. Laurent just not win the cycling races but also
the heart of every fan.

Exceptional, famous, and distinguished player lost his life due to cancer. His achievements were a golden mark on the cycling profile. Before leaving the world, he wrote a book named; ‘We were young and carefree’ published in 2009, which exposes his experience
with doping and cycling experience with great names of sports. He was one of those people on this earth who loved to laugh in every difficulty of life but one of his interviews expressed that he was only afraid of death. His death was a great loss but who
says the legend dies. His efforts, his game, and his passion become a source of inspiration for the entire world. It is true that the cyclist surely lost one of the great name and difficult competitor.

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