Victor Ortiz beat Andre Berto to lift the WBC Welterweight Championship belt– Boxing News

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Victor Ortiz beat Andre Berto to lift the WBC Welterweight Championship belt– Boxing News

Victor Ortiz has successfully won his first World Boxing Council Welterweight championship bout against Andre Berto, by winning a unanimous decision on Saturday night, 16 April, at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA.

Andre Berto, the Haitian-American professional boxer, will be very disappointed to lose this bout because has been outstanding since his first welterweight fight. He has scored many knock-outs and unanimous decisions in his professional career.

Victor Ortiz’s toughest test to the date was against Marcos Maidana on June 27, 2009. Ortiz did look depressed against Maidana, when he went to the floor for the couple of times in the fight. Despite the scare from his opponent, OIrtiz showed his class to
outpoint Berto comprehensively. The win, also gave the boxer his first major title in his career.

The Mexican-American professional boxer showed a sparkling performance against Andre Berto, in a fight of 12 brutal rounds. Berto went to the floor for couple of times, while Ortiz chased him by putting immense pressure throughout the fight. He launched
570 power shorts directly to the body and head of Berto.

Ortiz said, “I didn’t prepare to knock him out. I pictured both my eyes closed after this fight. But I wasn’t walking away without that belt.”

Berto has been very impressive since his first professional fight. He has had a 75 percent knock-out and 40 percent punch accuracy rate against his rivals. The boxer was dropped down to the canvas by an absolute right-hand bang early in the sixth round.

Ortiz was ecstatic over his victory and said, “This was the moment I have been working for my whole life. This was my dream. I wasn’t going to stand for anything less.”

Berto should definitely review his weaknesses and strength after this defeat because it can be productive towards his next fight plan. He was taken to hospital for the treatment of his broken right hand after the fight.

Just moments after the final bell, Bernard Hopkins said Berto should go for a professional teacher. He added that Berto did not appear to be very effective and efficient with his fight strategies.

No doubt, Tony Morgan, who is currently the trainer of Berto, has performed an excellent job to train the boxer, but he needs to develop an aggressive approach to become a recognized boxer in the world of boxing.

Before the fight Ortiz looked so confident when he spoke to the media and declared of not being scared to go against anyone. There is still little or no possibility for the boxer to go against Mayweather and Pacquiao, but there are plenty of other names
available for him to fight with, in the Light Welterweight Division.

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