Mesmerising action at the fourth day of 7th IAAF World Youth Championships, July 9th 2011

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Making the event one the most memorable and charismatic one in the history of World youth championships, the athletes blended the fourth day of the 7th IAAF World Youth Championships with a scintillating paradigm of action packed performances. Leaving no
room for error, some of the world’s renowned in youth events made their way at the apex with ease and charisma and embossed record breaking scores to set new trends in the very discipline. Yusleidys Mendieta and Yorgelis Rodriguez were among the highlighters
in the event with defying efforts in the heptathlon.

Germany’s Desiree Singh was admired by the audience in the Pole vault contest with a pole vault lead of 4.25m. Singh attained gold and was followed by Liz Parnov and Lucy Bryan.

The pathway to paramount wasn’t easy for the German paragon athlete, as the bar being at 4.10m, she only managed the height in her third attempt. There were chances of the more consistent Australian Parnov with a personal best to emerge as the top spot winner
but wasn’t able to compete at apex.

The pair was seen at prime in the strength events, as Mendieta improvised her world leading score to 5697 points where as Rodriguez mantled a lifetime best of 5671. Mendieta after being given a tough competition carved out a way to excel in the five events.

She was aiming to replicate a scintillating performance in the 200m, Javelin Throw and 800m. Kendell Williams and Lindemans were head-to-head in competition with Mendieta and the trio went in the final event. Mendieta was still having the lead with 158 points
with her teammate.  

Cuba’s World leader Yusleidys Mendieta and Yorgelis Rodriguez attained definitive victory and first ever Heptathlon medals for the Caribbean nation with Gold and Silver.

The duo engraved names in the list of some of the most agile and remarkable performers with score of 1-2 following in the footsteps of the German duo of Annett Wichmann and Christine Schultz a decade ago and Yana Panteleyeva and Tatyana Chernova in the year

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