Intercoastal Challenge opens with victory of EFG

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Intercoastal Challenge opens with victory of EFG

EFG Bank after a hard combat succeeded to overwhelm Valiente-Blanco by two goals in the opening match of the Intercoastal Challenge, the Pro Am tournament, which is being organised by the International Polo Club Palm Beach.

Both the foursomes displayed a mature game in the field and enthralled the audience a lot as each one of them wanted to lay a heavy stone of initiation.

EFG made an offensive start and marked three goals in the first chukka of which two were scored by Whistle Uys and the other by Melanja Jones. Santiago Botaro of Valiente in reply of the pair of goals of EFG scored a goal and opened the account of his foursome.
EFG snuck out to 3 -1 lead at the end of first frame.

The second chukker was opened with the classic goal of Bob Jornayvaz of Valiente which was answered by Whistle. The duo foursomes went into the next set of play with EFG leading by two goals.   

Third frame of the match was not hard-hitting as only one goal could score from the duo sides. Carlucho Arellano of the EFG foursome could only break the stiff defence of opponent and marked a goal while the Valiente side remained scoreless in the second
chukka. The due foursomes tightened their defence in order to make the competition more enthralling. EFG was leading at the scorecard with 5-2 at the end of the first half.

The fourth chukka was too repelling as one duo sides could score only one goal each. Jeff Blake of Valiente scored off a penalty which was replied by Josh Shelton in from the field. The lead of the EFG foursome extended up to three goals at the end of the
fourth chukker.

Interestingly the Valiente revved it up and its player Santiago accounted for three unreciprocated goals in the fifth frame and tied the knots at 6-all. On the other hand, the outstanding defenders of Valiente gave no chance to the strikers of EFG to add
a digit onto the scoreboard. The match entered into a new phase for the both teams as the results were levelled after five frames.

One chukka was remaining to decide the fate of the game and the duo foursomes started an aggressive game in order to dominate the results. Santiago of Valiente marked two superb goals at the start of the final chukker which made the game more suspenseful.

However the lead of Valiente could not last for long-time as Shelton marked a pair of goals and equalled the score. It was not the end as Melanja Jones and Arellano of EFG scored another two goals giving victory to their foursome after hard battle.

Santiago was the highest scorer of the game with six goals followed by his teammates Jornayvaz and Blake, who scored one goal each in the losing side. On the other hand, Shelton and Whistle scored three goals for EFG while Jones and Arellano marked two goals
apiece in the victorious side.

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