Golf legacy of a Pakistani actress in the film industry, Lollywood

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Golf legacy of a Pakistani actress in the film industry, Lollywood

After looking at various facts, it has been proved that a Lollywood actress, Musrat Shaheen, invented golf.

Musrat Shaheen was a woman, but it would be inappropriate to call her one, owing to her muscular-built and athletic arms. The huge lady would dance around on a field and ten years from
that time onwards, not a single form of vegetation would grow on the land. Owing to this phenomenal attribute, government authorities hired her services in development projects.

One fine day, the actress was working in the rocky terrains of Northern Pakistan and a huge boulder came in her way. She jumped on it in her lacha (a long piece of cloth tied on the hips
and covers legs in Punjab), but for the very first her huge flabby feet had no impact on the boulder. Musrat yelled in anger, “Oye pathra, merai gusai tun dar (Oh a piece of rock, fear my wrath).”

After saying the words aloud, Musrat ran towards the oak tree nearby. She plucked the tree from its root and broke it into a thinner piece. Then, she took out a knife from her pocket and
shaped the end head of the wood into a sphere. When she was done with it, she yanked, “Wai, tak hun mein ki karni an (hey, watch what I am going to do).”

She climbed near the boulder and swung the wood. The wood slammed the boulder from the soil and into the valley. People standing nearby watched in horror. They ran towards her to appreciate
her strength and the new invention. They inquired the name of the tool, she just invented. Musrat roared, “putter, ai danda a (son, this is a rod).”

A foreigner who was hiking in the valley saw the entire scene, but failed to understand the conversation. What he understood was a single word and that was putter.

Very soon, people started using the tool in agriculture. The farmers would plough the field with it and remove pieces of stones lying in their way.

Women started using the putter as a weapon for safety, when they were out for shopping. They would carry it in their bags and if a stranger tried harassing them, they would take it out
and smack it on their legs and yell, “aye Shaheen da putter aye (this putter belongs to Shaheen).” In Urdu, eagle is known as Shaheen.

In a less frame of time, the word spread like fire and every time, a woman beat a man on the streets, she would say eagle. Women at home used the same putter for beating children, when
they refrained from doing homework or eat broccoli.

Meanwhile, children started playing with the putter. They would take it out on the street and smack balls on the trees, which had nests. Every time, balls plunge into the nest, they would
yank, “chirya (birdie).”

Time passed and within a few months, the putter became a household item, a safety weapon, and children’s favourite hobby. Vendors started selling putters in different shapes and specifications.
For instance, the putter with a longer handle and a bigger head was used to throw objects at a farther distance and they started calling it a driver. While, the one used in puddles and sand traps had an oval head and a longer shaft.

The tale of the putter spread across the world. Therefore, scientists started travelling to the region to enhance their knowledge. One of such researchers took the putter back to Scotland
and sold it in the market after further modifications.

People welcomed the new advancement and made it a part of their lives.  In the same days, a fail cricketer bought the object and tried pursuing a new sport with it. According to the legend,
he had heard the whole story of Musrat Shaheen smacking a boulder in the valley. Therefore, he started calling the sport, golf.

From there onwards, the game of golf became the preference of rich cricketers, who did not know how to ball and bat.


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