Unmitigated competition at the IAAF race walking challenge, Taicang, China, Sunday April 24

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The event of the IAAF race walking challenge in Taicang, China on Sunday April 24 was mesmerising one, as the athletes embossed flawless performances on the track and stored some magnificent attributes in the competition. The highlights of the competition
had held the containments of a sheer contest between the World’s best race walkers and record holders, as the Chinese race walkers surpassed all the odds to with their defying aspects by providing an intense and prime competition to the other challengers.

In the competition, aspects of distinction were depicted by the magnificent trio of Chinese walkers. The initial moments of the race testified, contrary to the approach and agility of the Chinese walkers, that there will not be any other competitor at the
top in the final nicks of the competition. The sort of pace ,which was set by three Chinese walkers,  2010 Asian Games winner, 26-year-old Si Tianfeng, 23-year-old Xu Faguang and 24-year-old Li Jianbo, after leaving the main group at the 20km mark, provided
an approximate prediction of finish time under 3:40.   

Approaching to the 40km mark rapidly, the duo of Si and Li were seen accentuating sheer competition to fight for the ultimate glory, afterwards no sooner Si was seen boosting up and made his final move, whereas Li was seen fading away from the picture.

The paragon race walker, Si Tianfeng emerged as a distinct winner with a world leading timeline of 3:38:48, which was a minute faster than Slovak Republic’s Matej Tóth’s earlier mark 3:39:46, which was set in Dudince.

 French man Yohann Diniz’s statistics interpreted as the world record in the track walk for the very distance of the 50,000m track with a time line of 3:35:27.20 were clearly records for the track walking, which enabled Si’s record at the road walk to be
valid as road walk world record. Si has been able to cut off more than four minutes from his previous personal best of 3:42:55, which was set in 2005 almost six years ago, as his personal best has been shortened to a staggering 3:38:48.

Xu Faguang surpassed Li Jianbo for second spot finish with a personal best 3:42:20, leaving Li to attain a decent third position finish with a season best timeline of 3:43.38.

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