Tottenham manager: Gareth Bale and Jonathan Woodgate on recovery

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Tottenham manager:
Gareth Bale and Jonathan Woodgate on recovery

A rain of rumours in South London is aggravating the Spurs fans. Word around the block is Gareth Bale and Jonathan Woodgate might be out for the season due to long term injuries.

Both players have been instrumental to Tottenham Hotspurs success in the past. Though Woodgate is expected to show his former best form despite a recent recovery, the former Leeds United
player has been part of a single game this season which he had to eventually abandon because of a new injury.

On the other hand Bale has been a revelation for the Spurs. The Welshman has provided the English outfit with numerous assists and goals. His fast paced game play along the left flank has
stunned fans, critics and football analysts. With immaculate form he has proved himself to be the crown jewel of White Hart Lane.

Woodgate has provided Spurs with valuable services in the past. The experienced centre back provides his manager, Harry Redknapp with the option to change formations and tactics instantly.
That is the reason Woodgates’ versatility as the former English international has the capability to play as a centre half or even a defensive midfielder. This helps Redknapp to adjust tempo of the game according to his will.

On the other hand prodigal Welsh international, Bale has been demolishing top notch clubs as a one man army. Thrashing Inter Milan was one example of that, razing English Premier League clubs
is another. The 21-year-old midfielder can also feature as a forward or a winger. His left foot has deadly accuracy making his game play on left side of the field phenomenally. Recently Redknapp has also started featuring him on the right wing which has opened
utilization of Bale on a whole new scale.

Absence of these two aces for the past month have caused occupants from South London to wonder if they will ever see them again this season. Englishman Redknapp has finally silenced these
assumptions claiming neither Bale nor Woodgate are experiencing long term injuries.

Currently Bale has been out of play for more than a month. He has been out of action after the encounter against Newcastle United, where he suffered a back injury. The medical team has confirmed
the injury while football analysts have pointed the injury to occur in the lower part of his back.

 It is believed Bale has injured or displaced the discs in the lower part of the back, something that is common to aging football players. The injury is recoverable with time but in Bale’s
case the injury was not due to his age but immense pace. Bale is considered to be one of the fastest football players on the field, hence a potent weapon for the Whites.

Woodgate on the other hand suffered yet another injury in his comeback match. After being out of action for nearly 15 months, Woodgate managed to strain his groin in the Champions League
encounter against AC Milan.

Nonetheless Redknapp is certain Bale and Woodgate will be up and running soon enough. While talking to media he stated on the issue, “Gareth is improving slowly, and hopefully he is on his
way back. It shouldn’t be too long for him. And Jonathan got a twinge – we felt it was pretty bad at first but it isn’t too bad.”

He concluded on an optimistic note by saying, “Another week or so and he should be back into full training so it shouldn’t be too bad.” Bale’s recovery is more important for Spurs at the
moment. The young star has featured 30 times for Tottenham and has scored 11 times alongside numerous assists.



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