The Topsy-turvy ride

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As the cricket world cup of 2011 unfolds, new events generate in the world cups. Some of the events take up the form of gossips, while others of more important nature will be written in the books of history one day. And mind it; these books are always present
in the libraries that reside in the cricket world.

England has been a real surprise, all the way. And if history is not misleading, the team England of today closely resembles what Pakistani team has always been; unpredictable. At some point of the mega event team England is clinching victory from the jaws
of defeat while on other times it is doing the exact opposite. Of course this is not sarcasm from any measure but this is a point of great concern for the team England. They still have a long way to go and such an unpredictable behavior has the ability to
ruin them.