The 2011 championship league; Group two matches.

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The ‘2011 championship league snooker’ which is a joint venture of the match room sport and perform group is underway at the Crondon park golf club, stock, Essex.

The third day of the championship was an exciting one as John Higgins made a superb come back into the tournament by knocking Shaun Murphy, Mark Williams and Ali carter in the group two matches of the event.

Prior to these wins, Higgins lost the final of group one matches against Mark Selby. However this time World No.1 gave a positive signal by projecting his superb form. The wizard of wishaw looks to be all set for the final stages of the tournament, as he
continues with his marvelous form.

On the other hand ‘the rocket’ Ronnie O’Sullivan detonated on the green baize table, as he astoundingly won three out of three encounters, with his hundred percent success ratio Ronnie seem to be a strong contestant for the prize money and title to be picked

Ronnie knocked in two centuries in the final match, and he managed to bring about the highest scored century of the event so far, with a fine break of 138 Ronnie won the high break prize worth £500.

Mark Williams after not doing so well in the group one is back in the group two with a better performance, as he leads Higgins and Ronnie on the number of frames scored so far in the event.

The Welshman has pulled off three wins out of the four encounters and looks to be very much alive again and back in the business. However, despite these top players Carter, Neil Robertson and Shaun Murphy lie in the mid-spots. All these three cue-men are
going to fight each other in-order to book their place in the semi-finals.

Neil Robertson has started off in a disappointing manner, as the current world champion lost two matches out of three he played. Ronnie O’Sullivan ran over him completely as he blew away Neil with a score-line of 3-0, whereas he lost his second match 2-3
at the hands of the magician. Against Jamie Cope however, Neil claimed his only victory after a close-call match.

In each group of the championship league snooker, there are seven players and they will at least play each other once in a best of five frames match. The winner is awarded a point for each win and some prize money depending upon the performance.

The final matches will be played on the 23rd and 24th March. The winner of the championship league snooker will be awarded £3,000 prize money as well as a place in the Premier league snooker.

The premier league snooker is a professional non-ranking event, but it is huge in a sense that it will be televised on the sky sports and the prize money for this particular event is £30,000.

Result summary for the day:

  • Ali Carter 1-3 John Higgins
  • Shaun Murphy 2 – 3 Ronnie O’Sullivan
  • John Higgins 3-2 Mark Williams
  • Neil Robertson 2-3 Shaun Murphy
  • Mark Williams 3-1 Ali Carter
  • John Higgins 3-2 Shaun Murphy
  • Mark Williams 3-0 Shaun Murphy
  • Neil Robertson 0-3 Ronnie O’Sullivan
  • Ali Carter 3-0 Jamie Cope
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan 3-0 Jamie Cope
  • Neil Robertson 3-2 Jamie Cope
  • Mark Williams 3-0 Jamie Cope

Century Breaks – As the championship league snooker has completed another successful day, some marvelous century breaks were being scored including event’s highest so far. Ronnie the rocket scored the ravishing 138 against Shaun Murphy to
win the highest break prize. Mark Williams however was just a yellow short from the highest break, as he pulled off a break of 137 against John Higgins.

Another century break of 113 came from Ronnie’s cue against Shaun in the same match; however, after conceding two centuries, Shaun managed to score one against Neil Robertson.

 More updates will flow in as the tournament continues…










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