Spanish Super Cup breeds David Villa and Mesut Ozil scandal – La Liga Special

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Spanish Super Cup breeds David Villa and Mesut Ozil scandal – La Liga Special

FC Barcelona overcame a resilient Real Madrid CF side to lift the Spanish Super Cup. The two legged affair produced football of the highest order but was marred by unsporting actions of the worst kind. And it was the tussle between David Villa and Mesut
Ozil who took centre stage in a brawl which had everyone from the players to the bench involved.

El Clasico’s are always heated affairs but things have taken the wrong turn over the years with touchline fights between the players becoming a common display. The match at Santiago Bernabeu was brought in disrepute by Pepe’s reckless tackle on Dani Alves,
while Camp Nou had more of the same action with two full team brawls.

The incident between David Villa and Mesut Ozil took place in the second fight of the match, in the dying minutes. It was instigated by a dangerous tackle by Marcelo on Barcelona new boy, Cesc Fabregas and continued for over four minutes. The incident was
followed by a routine of Catalan players surrounding the referee. Events escalated from then onwards with many players coming to blows.

As things started to settle, a distinct Mesut Ozil was being dragged away from the hodgepodge of players, with David Villa the centre of his attention. The modest German player is known for his calm attitude and his down to earth personality and has no history
of involvement in such incidents. Similar sentiments can be voiced about Villa who is renowned for his humble nature.

It was such a sad ending to the competition which saw a team finally matching Barcelona on the football field. Real Madrid who have been damned for their negative tactics against the Blaugrana finally came out of their shells and attacked them to death.
As a result of this, Los Blancos side did not wait for the trophy celebrations and were bad mouthed by the Catalan players in the post-match conference.

What came more shocking was twitter update by Mesut Ozil handle, who said that his fight with the all time leading Spanish goal scorer started as he belittled his religion. Ozil’s “official” Twitter handle stated: “Alot of you are asking what happened between
me and David. Racist words were said to me and my reaction was because of those words.”

This was given more show time as Spanish sports newspaper AS published a story with the headline “Mesut Ozil: David Villa Insulted My Religion.” However, the lies in the media were put to an end as Sami Khedira, dismissed the claims by saying that the attacking
midfielder does not even have presence on the social media website.

Khedira has put the whole situation in proper context which has gotten out of hands. It looked unlikely that Villa would harbour such feelings for the Islamic faith with as many as three first team members are followers of the religion. It was a sorry affair
that reached such a climax. However, what happened in the aftermath of the events on the pitch was worse.

The career of a player was being embellished with accusations of the worst kind, and without any kind of proof. Had it not been Sami Khedira who came out in the media the rivalry between the clubs would have reached new heights with personal vendettas involved.
However, on a day where football triumphed, the spotlight was far away from it.


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