Ricky Frazier plans to resume racing in 2012

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Ricky Frazier plans to resume racing in 2012

Ricky is now planning to resume riding in 2012 after completing a course at University of Louisville. The forty-seven-year-old Frazier is waiting for medical clearance in order to hit the tracks again at Emerald Downs. He also confessed that once his riding
days are over he will consider being a steward instead of leaving the industry altogether.  

Owing to the fact that Ricky Frazier’s father, Roy Frazier initially was a jockey and then a trainer was the reason enough for making him choosing the career that ran in the family and mattered most to Ricky Frazier which is reflective in the success that
he has gained throughout the racing career. He was born on 23rd July 1964 and earned his jockey’s license at Churchill Downs.

He has ridden nearly throughout the country and received his third riding title at Emerald Downs in 2007. He was awarded being the track’s leading rider in the year 2004 and 2006.

It is surely difficult if not impossible to list down the contributions and sacrifices, personal and otherwise that Ricky Frazier had to make in order to bless the tracks with his charming presence.

He has a much extended list of injuries, also operations that he underwent and endured throughout his career. However, none could fade the passion he still has for riding, it enthuses him in a way a young jockey waits for his races the next morning.

Ricky has broken his neck in five places, has fractured his skull almost uncountable times including broken ribs, a kneecap along with a hip. Each of his kneecaps has been operated twice which has resulted in nine screws in one and six in the other leg.
If this was not enough then once when stepped upon by a thoroughbred, Ricky ended up losing his six teeth in just one go.

These injuries and incidents never made him go down on his determination level as he would still try riding the maximum amount of horses each day and maybe even more than that the next day.

“Fortunately, I think my pain tolerance is a lot higher than most people. Maybe it’s mind over matter. I think the reason I’ve had longevity in my career is that I can ride eight races in a day and come back the next day and ride 10”, said Ricky Frazier.

A personal sacrifice includes staying for quite a while in a rehabilitation for being able to quit drinking which he thought was impacting his racing career adversely.

He does not only push his own potential further from the defined horizon rather also puts such a devoted effort on the horses to push harder too.

As of 2008 Rick Frazier had won 117 wins getting entitled for the second-best at the meet and has been able to achieve a track high earning of $1,282,542.

Frazier said. “If it’s not something you love, you’re not going to be able to do it for long. If you don’t have a passion, it’s just too much work”.


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