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Vengeance 2011 did not resolve the issues among the WWE superstar brawlers, it just heightened the intensity of anger among them. The intensity of this heat was clearly visible in the Monday night’s ‘Raw’ episode that went on air October 24, 2011 with the
tagline ‘Revenge’.

Clarification was demanded by WWE fans regarding the fights of Vengeance 2011 pay-per-view from the WWE superstars which were not much but to some extent answered in the 43rd Episode of Season 16, which went live from Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.

Cena, Rock duo: Will the big man accept the offer….

As always Raw episode started with a blast, and the 1st match was fought with John Cena on one side and The Awesome Truth (duo of The Miz & R-Truth) on the other. This match was meant to be a tag team match but was converted into a handicap one. All credit
goes to the duo as they knocked out cold Zack Ryder, who was meant to assist and tag with John Cena against the devilish pair.

The match started and Cena, since the more experienced one, fought his best embracing the duo happily with punches and kicks battering and clubberin’ them intensely clearly showing his command and upper hand over both. Cena was determined to teach a lesson
to the ones who cost him his golden chance of winning the WWE Title at Vengeance, and The Awesome Truth realised it.

As ‘You can’t see me’ Cena was about to win the brawl, Miz and R-Truth both entered the ring at the same time and started beating the hell out of Cena hence resulting the match to end without a decision as a result of disqualification. Interim Raw General
Manager John Laurinaitis was unhappy with the chaos reigning and ruining his show since Vengeance pay-per-view.

This provoked Laurinaitis to come forth to the ring and order The Awesome Truth to go away whereas at the same time announce news whose outcome came as a shock to the WWE Fans. Raw GM ordered a Tag team match with The Awesome Truth on one side and John Cena
on the other with an opportune to select a man of his own choice to be his partner at ‘Survivor Series’ against the sinister duo.

Fans roared and got excited when Cena named his partner, none other than his Wrestlemania 28 opponent ‘The Rock’ but here still lies a gigantic problem i.e. Will The Rock partner with his Wrestlemania opponent or not.

Morrison bears the brunt of Barrett…

In the singles match between Wade Barrett & John Morrison, the British hailing Barrett proved the fans that he is now on the road towards success and wants to be in the limelight. No matter if he has to destroy and step on John Morrison too. Dominating the
match perfectly Wade defeated Morrison in a comfortable manner assuring his fans that he is soon going to be the number 1 contender for WWE title.

Alicia skillfully avoids Natalya’s sharpshooter…

In the Divas category match Alicia Fox convincingly pinned Natalya, the right hand girl of The Glamazon Beth Phoenix. Alicia didn’t give a split chance to 1 half of ‘Divas of Doom’ to apply sharpshooter, a Hart trademark, hence adding up in her portfolio
a huge victory. Alicia acted intelligently and instantly left the ring after the win so as to avoid the rage of Glamazon, the 2nd half of Divas of Doom.

Punk GTSs’ Alberto’s Victory celebration…..

As the episode continued WWE champion Alberto Del Rio came out to celebrate his win over John Cena in the Vengeance which was promptly intervened by the straight edge superstar CM Punk. Punk asked Del Rio if he is worthy of the gold…..Del Rio did understood
the hidden message but proving that he is a closet champion evaded the challenge taunting tattooed Punk that it is he who is not worthy of even a chance at the gold.

Raw interim GM felt the tension and came out giving Punk a chance to put his hands on Del Rio in Survivor Series only when he admitted that he respected The Ultimate Opportunist ‘Edge’. Punk obviously could not do that by heart, therefore was given a no
go by the GM. But it was Punk’s GTS (Go To Sleep) to the face of Del Rio’s Ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez that certainly came in handy and stole the GM’s required attention.

Dolph Ziggler beats Santino Mariella….

The forth match was fought between the arrogant United States Champion Dolph Ziggler in which he authoritatively defeated Santino Marella but the important aspect of this match was the attack of 6 ft 5 inch tall Mason Ryan. As soon as the match ended and
Ziggler was all happy celebrating his victory with Vicky Guerrero on his side, Ryan attacked causing the couple to retreat towards the locker room.

The coward couple however was able to avoid the big man but their associate Jack Swagger, already facing a tough luck, was the one who took Ryan’s rage in the form of a boot.

Orton, Sheamus mutilate Christian, Rhodes…..

Another main event and a fan-favorite fight was the tag team match between Randy Orton & Sheamus on one side of the ring and Christian & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes on the other. The ominous duo of The Viper and The Celtic Warrior surprisingly
working as a perfect team dominated and convincingly annihilated the opponents who had already tasted defeat by their punches and kicks at Vengeance.

Nash causes The Game to hospitalise…….

At Vengeance, an incident occurred that shocked the WWE universe all over the world when Triple H’s former good friend showed no respect and care for him and viciously assaulted him. At the end of the Monday Night’s Raw episode The King of Kings came out
to take some revenge about what happened on Vengeance.

But he was not able to do so, as Nash again brutally assaulted the Cerebral Assassin this time by his own trademark signature weapon The Sledgehammer. As a result of the two-time attack on the same night Triple H was rushed to the nearby hospital where it
was revealed that the Game has suffered a concussion on his skull and probably a broken neck. Fans are eagerly waiting to know the reason behind Nash’s extreme bitterness and anger for The Cerebral Assassin.

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