Lee Chong Wei Retiring from Badminton after London Olympics

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Lee Chong Wei Retiring from Badminton after London Olympics

Lee Chong Wei is the world number one badminton player, and is regarded as the ‘King of Badminton Arena’. He is a well-known personality, not only in Malaysia but throughout the world.

Lately, Lee Chong Wee announced his withdrawal from badminton career after the last participation in the London Olympics 2012. Lee Chong pronounced in an interview that he decided this, so to provide an opportunity for young and talented badminton players
in Malaysia to brighten their names in the field of badminton. Furthermore, he said that it would be an honor for his country if these young players would shine in the badminton world.

Lee Chong Wei also expressed great happiness on the most welcomed decision of ‘National Singles’ coach, Misbun Sidek, to rejoin Malaysian Badminton. He proclaimed that although he had managed to participate in the International tournament without receiving
training from Misbun, however now it had become difficult for him to participate in the London Olympics 2012 without his coaching. Now Lee has a bigger and larger target to achieve, as he is determined to win gold medal for his country in his last International
tournament of life.

Moreover, Lee Chong said that he has always felt satisfaction in receiving training from Misbun, which is why he insisted on his return, and wrote letters to the officials of the Malaysia Badminton Association that they should resolve the saga of Misbun’s
return on immediate basis. Now, when Misbun is back in Malaysia, it would not only be beneficial for Lee Chong but also for the young singles category players to learn from Misbun, after the retirement of Lee Chong.

According to Lee Chong, Misbun Sidek has a vast experience of training athletes in Malaysia and is acquainted with all the affairs of badminton, and hence it would be easy for him to train the badminton players of singles category.

In the meantime, Lee Chong Wei, launched a Charity event for the unfortunate, earthquake and tsunami ridden people of Japan.

The retirement decision by Lee Chong Wei from Malaysian badminton and International arena would prove to be fruitful for the young and talented players, not only in Malaysia but throughout the world.

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