FC Porto manager Andre Villas Boas squashes rumours of problem between him and Jose Mourinho

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FC Porto manager Andre Villas Boas squashes rumours of problem between him and Jose Mourinho

Portuguese side, FC Porto manager, Andre Villas Boas has squashed suggestions that he is no longer on good terms with his mentor Jose Mourinho and has also said that he is looking to remain with FC Porto beyond the current season.

Boas spent several years under the Real Madrid coach and was Mourinho’s scout during the Special One’s time at FC Porto, Chelsea and then Inter Milan. However, the young tactician chose to part company with Jose Mourinho and became the manager of Portuguese
side Academia. Boas saved Academia’s season last year as the club narrowly avoided relegation. Later on, Boas was made the first-team manager of FC Porto and since then, the 33-year-old has not looked back. In his first season at the club, Boas guided FC Porto
to the Portuguese domestic title without losing a single game. On Wednesday, Porto will play SC Braga in the final of the UEFA Europa League. Despite his early achievements, Boas has remained humble and while talking to the media, the Portuguese said, “The
position I had with him was a position he needed some help on. I understood my role from the beginning and tried to fulfil it with maximum professionalism. When I left him, he took on another person who I hope gives him the same level. Regarding why I left
Inter, it was because I wanted the extra edge to fulfil my ambitions as a professional coach, so I took the risk to find my own job at Academica.”

Andre Villas Boas has played down his role in Porto’s dream run to the final of the Europa League and said that all this was possible because he had good players at his disposal that had the will to be where they are right now. When asked about his footballing
methodology, Boas replied, “I just want to make my players give their most. I give them room to express themselves because that’s how they develop. I promote their talent and let them make their own decisions. There are no dictators. We don’t see the game
as a tactical game. If you are a dictator of choices, players won’t be able to explore their possibilities to the full. You have to be able to free them.”

While talking about the final at Dublin, Boas made it clear that his side will in no way underestimate Braga and also said that playing in the final just shows how good Braga had been this season. While talking about his future, Boas reiterated his desire
to stay with the club for a longer period of time and also said that leaving the club would not be an easy decision for him.

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