Draw for the Coral On TV Trophy Finals

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Draw for the Coral On TV Trophy Finals

In order to decide the worthy qualifiers of the next round, the Coral On TV Trophy Finals, the battle of bitches staged three heats at the race track of Romford.

The Grade OR show covering the trip of 400 meters, has confirmed the top two position holders from each chase, to try their luck for the final pursuit.

Jennas Pony drawn in black, cracked out from trap 4 with a tremendous pace. The white and fawn bitch stole the show with her swift and sure attitude, which provided her an opportunity to take the lead over her competitors.

C Allsopp’s bitch placed herself in the middle of the track and rallied all the way to success in total 23.99 seconds.

Very impressively the two-year-old bitch justified her odds 7-4 F and managed to secure trap 6 for the last combat as a middle runner.

Gun downed by C Allsopp’s Jennas Pony by a 1 ½ length margin, was trainer J Reynolds’s Borna Blue.

The blue bitch began her chase tremendously from trap 3, but unfortunately she got disputed around the escape turn. The bitch has been placed in Jennas Pony’s neighbour, in trap 5, though she was able to finish off second.

Right after the conclusion of Heat 1, the trap doors were opened to initialise the second chase.

Trainer E Gaskin participation was shown by his black bitch Fennis Mac, who proficiently began her chase and produced stunning results with her speedy pace.

Previously the bitch was wearing red and white jacket, but for the final chase she will be welcomed from trap 3.

Boo Boos Bella after facing immense obstruction managed to acquire the desired position, though she was not able to win the purse in her last combat.

Trainer M Locke’s black bitch has been placed in Fennis Mac’s neighbour who defeated her previously by a length.

The three-year-old bitch will be wearing orange and white jacket, to be represented as a trap 5 racer in the finals.

The last two bitches who reserved their traps for the last quest are Cockney Diva and Glenlea Lisa.

Placed in trap 1 trainer P Young’s Cockney Diva was the purse winner of the Heats while, trainer M Lucas’s brindle bitch who was over thrown by 2 lengths and managed to finish off second, will begin her chase from trap 2 in the final quest.   

The six participants who got qualified for Friday’s draw the Coral On TV Trophy Finals, will battle against each other for the precious title.      

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