Darts Becomes a Popular Sport of India

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Darts Becomes a Popular Sport of India

The game of darts is very popular in United Kingdom. It is played in the Pubs, Bars, Taverns, Schools, Colleges, Office, at homes and in a big Halls or Arenas. In the Middle Ages darts was played as an open-air game similar to archery, because the aim was
to hit the target with the arrows using their hand. The beauty of darts is that, the people from all walks of life can participate in it very easily because there is no age limit, no gender speciation, no dress code and its doesn’t required a huge stamina.
Darts becomes a very inexpensive sport because its required limited space for playing and its equipment is very cheap.  

Different peoples like different sports, which are playing all over the world. Any kind of sport is good for health; if anyone likes the sports then he/she should try to play this game as it is very helpful to gain the good health. The one sport on which
the entire nation of India is mad about it is Cricket. Although the national game of India is Hockey but the dominance of cricket is much higher than hockey or any other sports, which are playing in India. Cricket is similar to how football dominates in the
world. Cricket is like a religion and Sachin Tendulkar is considered as God in India.  Sachin played all form of cricket and broken so many records. He is highest run getter player in the history of cricket. It is the number 1 sports of India and the people
become mad whenever India plays. The popularity of cricket is always high but some other sports are also very popular in the current decade, such as darts.  Darts becomes very popular in the last 8 years and players of 15 States Associations were participating
in different events, which are organised by AIDA.


One can assured that, in 2002, All India Darts Association (AIDA) was formed and its general secretary was Prasanta Saha. AIDA always wants to popularize the game of darts everywhere in India. AIDA has organized the diverse competitions at different levels
such as, School, College, Universities, Clubs, Zonal, Corporate, States, National and local as well. AIDA initial motives are promotion and popularisation of the darts in all over the country and they are still working on it. Darts is very famous in the state
of West Bengal and AIDA organise different tournament for ladies, gents and children’s on regular basis. In the year 2000, AIDA spread free gifts in the shape of Darts Boards and other equipments related to darts in different areas of India. Nearly 6000 children
were enrolled every year at school level.      


  One can say that, Under the umbrella of “All India Darts Association” different players of India were going aboard and participating in the different International tournaments such as  Phillipins Open, Malaysian Open, World Cup of Darts, Asia Pacific Cup,
and Winmau World Masters.

  One can say that, in last year AIDA arranged some different tournaments, such as Indian Open, Asian Darts Championship and South Asian Darts Championship, in these International tournament huge quantity of players were participating from all over the Asia.

 One can assured that, India produced some great’s players of darts, like Ankit Geinka, Mohan Goel, Ashfaq Sayed, Jolly Chanda, Ayesha Sayed, Ankita Raha and some others, who were performed very well at the National level as well as International level.
Ashfaq Sayed the first Indian darts player, who represents India in the World Darts Championship at Alexender Palace, London. Another Indian darts player is Parakash Jiwa, who is standing on 114 in the PDC ranking.

 One can say that, the Future of darts is very bright in India because its popularity is increasing day by day in every place of the country. But the main problem was funds and sponsorship. AIDA should take some bold steps and gathered some big sponsors
like, Tata, Reliance, Hindustan lever and some others, who can sponsor all events of darts. AIDA working so hard from the start and populating the game so well in over India but they should talk with PDC and BDO codes for promoting darts in India. These codes
will help the AIDA as well as the players of India through different ways. AIDA should launch some campaigns, seminars and workshops for encouragement of darts. AIDA Invites some Bollywood stars for promotional activities of darts as well.     

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