Carl Edwards: Optimistic and Auspicious

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Carl Edwards, 31 years old drives No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion. He is too young to have this much success in his racing career. He drives for Roush Fenway Racing (RFR). In his seven year career at Sprint Cup, he has been spectacular. He is one of the muscular
corrival at Sprint Cup.

Experts rate him the second favorite after Jimmy Johnson. He was at 4th position last season on points table. He was runner up in 2008, and it was his career best at Sprint Cup. In 2008 he had more wins than Jimmy Johnson but he was lacking consistency
somewhere, which cost him the championship. In 2009 he had some down fall in his standing but he bounced back in 2010. He is considered the strongest proponent for Johnson.

It’s his adversity that he couldn’t win at Sprint Cup “We all have lulls in our career and points in our lives where things aren’t going the way you want them to go,” Edwards said. In fact Edwards is blessed with confidence and abilities, for him it doesn’t
matter what are the result, but he has to give his 100% on the track. This is the reason why he is so much successful on the race track. He is a person who doesn’t regret on his past and focus on the better tomorrow. This is enough to frighten his opponents.

Edwards is working hard for this season and claimed that he has worked on his weak points. He is now more determined and auspicious, “I can’t pick what’s going to happen this year, but I do say that we are stronger than we were before,” Edwards said.

Despite having so many victories at Sprint Cup he couldn’t win. He considers his misfortune a bit. This year he is coming up with a better plan to cop up with, “Anybody who is successful questions themselves all the time, when you go that long without winning,
you think there must be something you can do to make it better,” Edwards said.

After all the cruel facts, he is hopeful for this season at Sprint Cup. A season for him to make the difference, he is going to start with a great optimistic approach, “If you get your ego inflated too much by a result, you might not perform the way you
need to. I’ve learned that about myself and people in general.” Edwards said.

Edward indicated his intension for this season, that he won’t let complacency overcome the urgency “Defeat is bad but winning can be just as bad for you,” Edwards said.

The owner of the RFR Jack Roush is also confident on the preparation for Sprint Cup, “I am confident we have everything in place for him to be successful this season,” Roush said.

Roush father expressed about Edward, “Carl certainly took stock of everything that he could do that might improve his lot and looked at the people around him and the things they would do”.

 Edwards crew is also ready buck up their drive to be victorious “I don’t know what they say when I’m not around, but they tell me, ‘we believe in you’ or ‘we’re behind you 100 percent,’ and that’s what does it for me,” Edwards said.

Edwards added further, “For me, the thing that I am extremely grateful for are my family and friends and my crew and everybody believing in me”.

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