world cup 2011 will eliminate fears about 50-over game: haroon lorgat

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  • world cup 2011 will eliminate fears about 50-over game: haroon lorgat

World Cup 2011 will eliminate fears about 50-over game: Haroon Lorgat

The upcoming ICC World Cup 2011 will eliminate all the fears regarding the 50-over cricket. The CEO of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Haroon Lorgat has expressed his views about the 50-over game. He commented that the World Cup will diminish all the rumours and assumptions made about the three forms of cricket, including T20, Test and One-Day series.

According to the ICC CEO, the 2011 World Cup will be the most spectacular and unpredictable World Cup in the history of cricket. He is of view, that the upcoming mega event will have wonderful cricket along with top teams of the country. The World Cup is the biggest dream of any cricketer.

The CEO was quoted as saying,  "I hope that the ICC Cricket World Cup, being the game's flagship event and cricket's biggest prize, will add to reversing the poor perception of 50-over cricket as some of the recent matches already have.

He also stated,
"To be frank, the talk of a demise of 50-over ODI cricket is way out of whack with what we are experiencing. Players, spectators, TV viewers and administrators still see great value in the ODI and I think we are very fortunate as a sport to have three viable formats that are so popular in their own ways. I can't think of any other sport that enjoys such an embarrassment of riches in that way,"

All the three forms of cricket hold specific importance. The concept of 50-over or One-Day match cannot fade away, as it is the flavour of all seasons. It is a day and night match, with a shorter rime period as compared to a Test match, this makes it even more exciting and entertaining for the spectators. Whereas, a test match is considered as the ‘real game’ of cricket.

The charm and hype of twenty20 and IPL is increasing with the passing time, but it still cannot be compared to the absolute pleasure and entertainment seen in the 50-over game or the World Cup. If we look in the past, there had been three Twenty20 Cup tournaments after the World Cup of 2007. It has gained attention, but people still awaits the World Cup with full enthusiasm and imaptience. The World Cup somehow has a patriotic feel in it. Players feel honoured and proud to participate in the mega event.

There is no denial in accepting the fact, that the T20s and the IPL have restored the downfall of the international cricket. It has however, attracted a huge number of young audiences.  People, who don't have the time to watch a full one-day game, enjoy 20/20 format with passion and excitement. Similarly, IPL proved to be a platform for the young cricketers, who would have found hard to make it to the big stage cricket. Another plus point, for the audience is to enjoy the involvement of their favourite celebrities, who are representing different teams.  People may feel more inclined towards IPL, but however, the 50-over format of the game cannot be under-estimated.

In this cricket-freak world, the importance of the game can never be ignored, be it any form. The cricket lovers are waiting anxiously for the World Cup starting on the 19 February 2011, which is being co-hosted by Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India.