cycling machines can be an alternative to outdoor cycling

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  • cycling machines can be an alternative to outdoor cycling

Cycling machines can be an alternative to outdoor cycling. They may not be able to provide the pleasure of scenic beauty and fresh air that riding provides you but it is beneficial in yet many ways.

Cycling machines are static as they do not allow enough movement. At the same time as outdoor cycling involves movement of all most every part of your body, it helps loosing fat effectively. It is a good exercise for your arms, legs, back and abdomen. It is the best exercise. Cycling in any form is very useful. Adding to it is a way out to boredom. Outdoor cycling is the answer to instant entertainment. But cycling machines are for those busy business or office going people who do not have time for outdoor cycling. They tend to fix their timings as to when to cycle by going to gym.

Cycling machines are boring as well as very hot because there is no air blowing on you to dry off the instant sweat. So it becomes very hot. Though it has some disadvantages associated with it, cycling machines provide you effective cycling with no distractions, unlike outdoor cycling. You may have to stop at the time when you are at your best pace. There may be many breaks in outdoor cycling demotivating you.

Adding to, indoor cycling is much safer than outdoor cycling. No traffic hence no serious accidents.  According to the research death rate is almost zero percent in indoor cycling.

Another advantage of indoor cycling is it best for training purposes. You can time yourself; trainer is also available any time. You can cycle indoors in every season even in rainy seasons where as you cannot cycle outdoors in rainy and cold weather. Skipping your practices because of weather conditions will surely disrupt your training routine and eventually will lower your motivation level.

Furthermore, people who cannot afford to buy a cycle they can always cycle indoors for entertainment or weight loss. Watching a movie or listening to songs while cycling indoors can be a heck of entertainment. Even cycling indoors with friends and family gives you good time. So only outdoor cycling cannot provide entertainment indoor cycling can be a source as well.

Adding to, in a gym, group cycling motivates you to excel. It may help you to buck up and progress. May helps you to achieve your milestones earlier.

It also can be helpful to those who suffer cycling phobia and yet yearn to cycle and also to those who do not know how to cycle.

It is also useful for building up your stamina before any upcoming tournament by cycling for as long as you can in any season and in any time of the day. Unlike outdoor cycling in which you cannot cycle in late hours.

 Concluding, outdoor cycling has its own advantages and indoor cycling has its own benefits, both type of cycling are useful in their own particular way. Outdoor cycling may provide you entertainment, pleasure of scenic beauty and fresh air but outdoor cycling provides payback which indoors cannot.

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