Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid's French connection - La Liga Special

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Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid's French connection - La Liga Special

Zinedine Zidane played for four different clubs after graduating from Cannes youth academy. To date, he continues his affairs with every one of his former clubs. However his last club has his most affection. The most expensive signing of Florentino Perez’s Galacticos era, the French wizard won the highest medals while playing for the Spanish giants.

It has been five years since he retired from professional football, but his role in footballing matters cannot be belittled as he takes up the position of Direct of Football at Los Blancos. Recently, he has helped in bringing French prodigy, Raphael Varane to Santiago Bernabéu. And anyone who saw the youngster start against Chivas Guadalajara will understand what an exciting prospect he is.

Currently, Zidane is busy with the first team’s preseason tour of USA. He has overseen the training of the elite the Spanish outfit possesses as well as watch them in preseason friendlies. However, this is not a sum of his responsibilities in his new position. He has a lot to give to the Spanish team and Mourinho wants to capitalize on his French connection.

The Real Madrid setup currently in place is different from what he experienced when he graced the white jersey. The organization has evolved since his departure and is a different animal altogether. With Jose Mourinho assuming all control, he has the President’s aide at his disposal as they embark on a journey to take the Spanish outfit to new heights.

Zizou’s first task is to see the development of the young side. The average age of the squad is 24.5 and most of the players lack the experience to stand up in tough games and see the club to a victory. With Zidane on the bench, he can cajole players to give their best and rise to the occasion. He will be given the charge to motivate the players and instil in them the courage to lock horns with all oppositions.

He will be involved with the media as the team travels across the globe in preseason and in their European adventures. Mourinho has his charisma and bundle it together with the smooth Zidane persona, you have a combination to win over all. Real Madrid believes in aggressive marketing in all departments and the Mourinho-Zizou partnership will give them plenty.

At Santiago Bernabéu there is never a shortage of demand for quality individuals. Zizou helped bring in Karim Benzema and recently compatriot, Raphael Varane was enticed to the Capital club. With a multitude of youngsters being groomed in French Ligue 1, Madrid’s French connection will come in handy in talents to the Spanish peninsula.

Apart from these duties Zidane’s major responsibility is to be the bridge between the President, Florentino Perez and the Manager, Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho can be difficult to handle while the President is known for his misgivings with his manager’s, as a close aide to both Zidane has a huge task on his shoulders. He will have to make sure both character of the Madrid hierarchy are happy with each other and understand their respective point of views.

Back after a hiatus of five years, the French legend has a lot on his hands. He is relatively new to the job and is still in the learning phase. However, with a wealth of experience on his side he will be looking to contribute everything that he can to ensure Real Madrid dethrone Barcelona. The Madrid backroom has a stiff task on their plates and should fulfil it otherwise its doomsday for everyone.

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