Yang Yang, pioneer of Chinese Badminton

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  • Yang Yang, pioneer of Chinese Badminton

Yang Yang, pioneer of Chinese Badminton


China who was nothing in the world of badminton until 1980’s was recognized in the world of badminton with the efforts, hard work, quickness, dexterity and awesome footwork of a born athlete Yang Yang. It would be of no doubt to say that Yang Yang brought badminton to China. And now china is the most prepared country of badminton.


Yang Yang born in 1963 was not aware that he will gather so much luck in his basket. This left handed boy made China proud in the world of badminton by winning two consecutive world championship titles. Badminton is now regarded as one of the renowned sports of China. China had never been so good in badminton before the arrival of Yang Yang in badminton. He made the mark in the world of badminton for china and from his era china began to reign the world of badminton. He not only infused badminton in the blood of Chinese youth but also helped them a lot in coming to the terms of badminton.


At the age of 12 yang Yang started getting training in 1975 and in 1983 he was enlist in the Chinese national team. And the very next year he started winning for china. In 1984 he won the first Chinese championship title. In 1985 he conquered Morten Frost of Denmark, the then Mr. Badminton and won the Hong Kong Open and also grabbed Japan Open I his Trophy bags. The next year he repeated the same victories as he won retained the titles of Hong kong Open and Japan Open with him. The same year he helped china raise head again in the Thomas cup by winning important matches. In 1987 he won the men’s singles world championship by again winning against Morten Frost. In 1988 he won the Olympics exhibition event and from then on badminton started to be played as an official game in the Olympics. In 1989 he overcame a youthful Ardy Wiranata. The years 1987 and 1989 were the joyous years for china. Yang Yang became the first ever man to win two successive men’s singles titles. After yang Yang, Lin Dan has achieved the same mark of winning two uninterrupted world championship titles. At the age of 25, he had taken into custody all the major titles of his sport. Taking them into the account it can rightly and easily be regarded as Yang Yang was a player of his time.


Yang Yang seized great quickness, perfect footwork, immense power, accurate ace and the most important of the all he possessed a cool temperament and was never seen down come what the pressure may be. For all these reasons he is considered one of the ablest singles players in the history of badminton.


At the age of 24, in 1991 he bade goodbye to the game as a player and soon joined Malaysia as a coach. His abilities started being experienced in the Malaysian players and very soon Malaysia became won its first ever Thomas Cup in 1992. He then built up his own business in 2000 after returning to China and now owns a badminton club in Nanjing, China, his native place. He expanded his business and started badminton equipments.


Though he has retired from the game yet he is regarded and remembered as one of the finest players history has ever produced.


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