World Football: Ten of the Most Mesmerizing Midfielders of the Past Decade –Part 1

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  • World Football: Ten of the Most Mesmerizing Midfielders of the Past Decade –Part 1

10 of the Most Mesmerizing Midfielders of the Past Decade –Part 1


Since the last ten years, the world of football has seen a myriad number of players, gifted with divine playing skills. However, only few of these spectacularly talented footballers made it to the top charts by their scintillating performances and awe-inspiring accomplishments on the pitch.


In this article, we list down ten of the most amazing Midfielders of the past decade, who completely flabbergasted the spectators by their dazzling performances in the football arena. The count down, based upon pure talent and flair of the officials, includes defensive midfielders as well. Goals are not the only criteria taken into account for selecting the players below.


Kaka is a Brazilian professional footballer who currently plays for the Spanish club, Real Madrid. The brilliant midfielder has been considered as one of the best of his kind over the past decade. Kaka stepped into his football career at a mere age of eight. However, it was not until the age of fifteen that he signed a professional contract with the club, Sao Paulo.

Kaka started playing football in 1994 when he joined Sao Paulo’s youth academy and spent seven years in training before he got signed to the first team squad.

The player spent two years at Sao Paulo scoring twenty three appearances from fifty nine appearances. Then in 2003 he made his first transfer move which came to the Italian side club Milan.

The young Brazilian went on to make a hundred and ninety three appearances for the Italian with scoring seventy goals in the process.

Kaka’s last move came back in 2009 when he moved to the La Liga giant Real Madrid. Since then the player has only managed to step onto the football field thirty three times with managing to net just ten goals.

Though the fact of the matter is that the player has been out of action because of an injury, but now has returned back to full time duty so we are expecting to see a lot of Kaka on the El Madrid side now.

The Brazilian was also added to the listings of his national team in 2002 and since then has represented country eighty two times with scoring twenty seven goals for international glory.

Soon Kaka became a mega-star at the Brazilian side and his outstanding performances impelled AC Milan to throw a transfer bid worth €8.5 million for him. The year 2007 saw Kaka as a much celebrated winner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or – the prestigious individual accolade. In the summer of 2009, he moved to Real Madrid club and despite all his injury problems, Kaka is sure to set the world on fire once again with his marvelous playing style.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane who is currently thirty eight years old is regarded as one of the finest French footballers ever to play on the surface of earth. Although the Frenchman has retired now, he has left his name embellished in gold and silver in the history of soccer’s greatest legends ever. During his glory days, Zidane was the best midfielder the world could offer. The truly inspirational footballer has played for many revered clubs in France, Italy and Spain.

The French International started his football career with Cannes Youth academy in 1986 and got bumped up to the first team squad after two year in the training grounds.

Article Continued In Part 2.



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