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Wong Choong Hann profile 

Wong Choong Hann is regarded as one of the most energetic and vibrant shuttler of men’s singles in the arena of badminton. He has proved his ability at the international level and has won great fame for his country. Though he is thirty three years of age but he has won many remarkable achievements for his country.

First of all, Wong Choong showed his appearance in any event of international level in 1991 and participated in the Malaysia Open event. But he could not succeed in clinching any major international title until Dutch Open where he won his first title in 1997. After that, he won successive men’s singles titles in the events of Kuala Lumpur tournament in Malaysia, in the China Open and the Dutch Open for the second time. Moreover, at the occasion of Thomas Cup held in 2002, Wong Choong leaded the Malaysian team. Taipei Open and Copenhagen Masters 2003 proved more helpful for glorious career of Wong Choong where he won two titles. Wong Choong can be included among those few Malaysians who performed well in the World Championships in 2003 where Wong Choong managed to reach in the finals of the event. Although, Wong Choong could not succeed in winning the title after defeating Xia Xuanze, his Chinese opponent, but he showed very impressive game which amazed the spectators very much.

  The success in the field of badminton which Wong Choong achieved can be gauged from the fact that he faced Taufik Hidayat, the top singles player from Indonesia, in the pre-quarter-final stage of the Athens Olympics held in 2004. Though Wong Choong could not win the gold medal but it was his great victory to face off one of the top shuttler of the badminton arena in any international event. After that almost in all the international tournaments, Wong Chong played against top badminton players of the world and won many victories. Though, Wong Choong had to face a severe injury of muscles in the quarter-final stage of Thomas Cup 2006 but he overwhelmed over his injury very soon. All the veterans of badminton arena were amazed when Wong Choong participated in the Asian Games in 2006, only the six months after receiving a major injury.

  The fellow players were unable to understand the hidden talent and courage after viewing Wong Choong’s joining of the badminton arena after a major injury when again he closed the tongues of every one and through his amazing strokes reached in the finals of the China Masters 2007. Another bright feather, which Wong Choong added in his bright future, was that he succeeded in defeating Taufik Hidayat, the most celebrated badminton player of Indonesia, at the occasion of Beijing Olympics 2008, which was a landmark victory for him. This victory of Wong Choong over Taufik Hidayat had washed the dark spot of defeat which Wong Choong had received from Taufik in the Athens Olympics 2004.Unfortunately, the weak performance of Wang Choong against Hsieh Yu-Hsing of Taiwan and due to some other hurdles; Wong Choong could not succeed in upgrading his ranking from the eleventh spot till 2009. 

In the late months of the year 2009, Wong Choong decided to take retirement from the active badminton, but Badminton Association of Malaysia again requested him to work and play for the promotion of badminton in Malaysia, in 2010. He accepted the request from BAM. He has achieved the 27th spot for him among the top world ranking men’s singles players. This time again, Wong Choong is looking more passionate and energetic for clinching major titles of the badminton world for his country.


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