Will Belgium be able to make it to the top this year?

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  • Will Belgium be able to make it to the top this year?

Will Belgium be able to make it to the top this year?

The final round of the 2011 CEV Girls’ Youth European Championship is set to begin on Saturday, 30th April. At the end of prelims, only 12 teams survived and earned qualification for final phase of the championship. These 12 teams have been further divided into two pools. Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, and Ukraine make the Pool I, while Pool II is comprised of teams from Serbia, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Turkey.

The National Girls’ Youth Team of Belgium is defending the title, while Turkey is the prestigious host of final round of the championship. The Belgian team is all determined and resolved to maintain their dominance in the competition. They have performed brilliantly so far and seem fully prepared to do well in the upcoming matches.

The head coach of Belgian team, Van de Vyver is keeping his fingers crossed for a memorable play at the 2011 Youth European Championship. He knows that it will be daunting task maintain their dominance in the game. He shared his thoughts regarding his team’s preparations and also the scope of other competitors in the competition. He commented: “Right now we do not know much about our opponents. We had some preparation tournaments in Turkey and Italy, the girls formed a good group but this does not mean that we can certainly confirm our title from two years ago. We were really impressed by the quality of the Turkish team, for example. Moreover, every generation has got its own peculiarities and the good results of the previous group are not necessarily a good omen for the future.”

Belgium will open the final round on Saturday by taking on Greek counterparts. Greek team finished the previous round at the loss of only one match. They are enjoying a great form and it will definitely be an interesting encounter between Greek and Belgian Teams. Since Belgium held the title, the team didn’t have to compete in the qualifiers. That is what Vyver considers as a disadvantage. Nonetheless, he is keeping the girls motivated and has urged to steal the show once more.

Good luck Belgium!


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