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The WWE superstars with an overview to their week’s performances at the Monday Night Raw Supershow and Friday Night Smackdown in conjunction with the Academy of Wrestling Arts and Sciences are ranked at the WWE Power 25 on WWE.com. The rankings on power 25 for November 5th 2011 include Big Show, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus.

 Big Show

The World’s largest athlete looked dominant as he was from the start. This week at the Monday Night Raw Supershow he went on to devastate the WWE Champion and Mexican aristocrat Alberto Del Rio and followed his dominance over Christian at the Smackdown. The events which took place by the hands of Big Show at Raw and Smackdown seemed to be a sign of things to come this survivor series on November 20th 2011.

A colossal battle was seen at the pay-per-view of vengeance when Big show and the World’s strongest man and the World heavy weight champion Mark Henry collided and after a devastating suplex from the top rope to Show by Henry which saw the ring collapse was an epic sight to witness.

CM Punk

The second city saviour seemed resistant to give respect to the Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis who insisted Punk to respect him in any case in order to get a WWE title opportunity. Instead Punk was quick to make a statement by brutalizing Alberto Del Rio until he got his match.

Alberto Del Rio

The Mexican aristocrat after losing a match to Big show at the Raw Supershow was confronted to Punk who brutalized him to the limits where Rio agreed to face him for the WWE title at the Survivor series. Rio on a number of occasions made statements that no one can beat him to which Punk appeared and stated the fact that he can beat Rio after which the rivalry grew intense among the two contenders. The rivalry will come to a decisive point at Survivor series on November 20th.


The Celtic Warrior faced indeed a worthy opponent in the face of Wade Barrett at the Smack Down which was quite a shocker for the WWE Universe. One more bombshell was dropped at the WWE universe when it was revealed that Sheamus is somehow related to a Muppet.

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