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WWE Rankings-WWE updates

The WWE Superstars, with an overview to their week’s performance and in conjunction with the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences, are ranked on WWE.com. The rankings are developed on the basis of victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring dominance, as well as intangibles. The rankings for November 26th, includes CM Punk, Big Show, Mark Henry and John Cena.


CM Punk


The straight edge superstar clams the number one spot at the WWE.com rankings. The superstar defeated the Mexican aristocrat on Survivor series for the WWE championship. Now he is ready to make things interesting at Raw, as he spoke this week at Raw about his next target, which was to put Raw’s Interim General Manager John Laurinaitis onm the unemployment line.


Big Show


The World’s largest athlete got his revenge at Survivor series, when he devastated Henry in the same way he was battered by the hands of Henry. However, Henry got his title secured, as he got disqualified and gave win to Show. This week at SmackDown, Show appeared and sabotaged Henry with a hard knock-out punch, leaving him helpless. Henry may not be able to compete for a period of time.


Mark Henry


The World’s strongest man, lost at Survivor series to Big Show. Nonetheless, he was able to secure his title. The post-match situation was not a good one for Henry, as Big Show dominated him with a steel chair. This week at SmackDown, Henry hobbled towards the ring and addressed his foe. The remarks were too sarcastic that they inspired Show to come in the ring and take him out once again with a knock-out punch.


Not only did Mark Henry have his ankle decimated by Big Show at Survivor series, but he nearly lost his World Heavyweight Title to Daniel Bryan on SmackDown.


After seeing Henry helpless and battered, Bryan rushed towards the ring and made a pinfall count on him. Bryan, though successful, was later on instructed by Theodore Long that his situation is invalid, as Henry is not able to compete. Henry got his title saved once again.


John Cena


The powerhouse, John Cena, claims fourth spot at WWE rankings. Cena was successful with his partner, the Rock, at Survivor series against the Miz and R-Truth. Though, a victory, but the post match situation was not good , as Rock hit John Cena with a surprise rock bottom.


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