WWE Survivor series - WWE Recaps

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WWE Survivor series - WWE Recaps

The Rock and John Cena defeated the Miz and R-Truth, in a tag-team action, at the Survivor series, on November 20th, in New York, United States of America. The match was an epic one, as never before and never again duo of the people’s champ and the cenation commander-in-chief joined forces to fight against one of the most bigot superstars, the WWE Universe may ever see.

The match started between the Rock and the Miz and from the very start, Rock took over the command of the match. Almost after 7 years of ring absence, Rock did not show any signs of in-acquaintance with the ring tactics and quirkiness. With a series of throws and take downs, Rock took the lights out of Miz.

After a while, R-truth also got into the action as the illegal man, but he was not able to take down the Rock. The people’s champ also battered Truth and sent him out of the contention. Miz was tagged out, Truth, now as the legal man in, tried every option to take the Rock out, but he failed.

The Rock tagged Cena in and, the cenation commander-in-chief executed every shattering move in the book to take care of opponents. After a number of takedowns and grapples, Cena looked confident in the match. The cunning opponents took the advantage and got Cena into their corner. Cena was battered by Miz and Truth, like a rookie.

Every counter from Cena was tackled in a clever fashion by Miz and Truth. The match continued and it looked as if Cena’s lights were out. Miz and Truth did not even let Cena tag the Rock in. Cena had even locked the STFU during the bout, but it was not enough for the cunning duo, as Truth saved his partner from the pinfall by submission.

Cena got into the action back by countering the leg-drop from Truth. Smothering in pain and agony, Truth was not able to get up early, Cena made an immediate tag to Rock. The people’s champ got in and took great care of his opponents.

Miz, now the legal man in, was delivered a devastating people’s elbow from the Rock. With 3-count pin after the people’s elbow, Cena and Rock were victorious. The post match situation was not really expected by the WWE universe, as Cena was shattered by a surprise rock bottom, by the Rock.

John Cena and the Rock, being each other's foes, as their Wrestlemania XXVIII match comes nearby, showed great effort in putting a stop to the shennanigans of the awesome-truth, however, the post-match situation showed sign of things to come at Wrestlemania.


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