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WWE Smackdown updates

Sheamus and Zack Ryder dominated United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, at Friday Night SmackDown, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on November 25.


Sheamus and Zack Ryder defeated United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger


Dolph Ziggler and his manager Vickie Guerrero bragged about his two victories, at Survivor series, one in his 10-man tag team match and the other against John Morisson for the United States Championship.


The match afterwards started, when the WWE universe had enough of his bragging. From the very start of the match, Sheamus and the Long Island Iced Z, had the command over their arrogant opponents.


A huge trade of blows was seen among the competitors. However, Ziggler and Swagger tried their best to retaliate, but with matchless agility of Ryder, combined with intense power of Sheamus, it was not enough to stop them from dominance. Sheamus displayed incredible display of power and avoided the zig-zag, thus leaving ground for Ryder to execute leg lariat on Ziggler for the victory.   


Daniel Bryan unsuccessfully cashed his Money in the Bank contract


World Heavy Weight Champion Mark Henry, hobbling towards the ring, did not show an impressive sight of his sheer power, which was always observed during his approach towards the ring. His condition was the result of the devastation caused by Big Show, as he dropped on his leg, which was locked inside the steel chair, at Survivor series.


Bragging about his disqualification, Henry told the WWE universe that his intention to hit a low-blow to Big Show, was not really on purpose to save his title. He further told that his adversary made that up to make him look like the bad guy. Henry declared that that there wouldn’t be a title rematch. Instead, he called the giant “The World’s Largest Loser,”


After a while, Big Show appeared and entered the ring. He heard what Henry said and retaliated with a hard knock-out punch, right on his face. The moment t happened, Daniel Bryan saw his opportunity lurking and he availed it by a pinfall count over Henry.


SmackDown’s General Manager, Theodore Long appeared and said that as Henry was medically un-fit to compete, it is not a valid situation. Bryan unsuccessfully cashed his Money in the Bank contract.




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