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WWE Raw-Updates

The WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio was able to defeat WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston at the Monday Night Raw Supershow on November 7th 2011 in Liverpool, England. With survivor series coming forth and John Cena teaming up with the Rock on November 20th for tag-team action, things surely look to be enigmatic.

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston

The Mexican aristocrat was still fired after being brutalized by the second city saviour CM Punk last Monday Night. Alberto Del Rio took out his frustrations on the Jamaican highflying superstar Kofi Kingston. Rio literally blasted out a series of brutal shots on Kingston before going for the cross armbreaker for submission victory.

He didn’t stop after battering the superstar and continued to apply the cross armbreaker before The Straight Edge Superstar stopped the carnage. Punk was now face-to-face with his survivor series opponent and he was addressed by Rio to cancel the title match or he would force Punk to do so. Once again showing his cowardice, Rio after being intimidated by Punk fed his personal ring announcer Ricardo to Punk for another devastating GTS. Rio fled from the ring which surely was a clear sign of things to appear at survivor series.

Kevin Nash made a comeback to WWE Raw Supershow

Kevin Nash was reintroduced to the WWE Universe by the Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis. Nash appeared with a livid look on his face and approached the ring to address the WWE universe that why he took the step of sending his long-time friend Triple H to the hospital.

In his statement he clearly mentioned that on his return to WWE in the year 2010 at the Royal Rumble he approached Triple H to form the Kliq once again to which Triple H refused.

That denial was somewhere giving way to grudge at par in Kevin Nash and in retaliation Nash sent his long time friend to the hospital with a sledge hammer attack twice at the Monday Night Raw Supershow. Nash also said that is how you play the game.


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