WWE Power 25 rankings-WWE Updates

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  • WWE Power 25 rankings-WWE Updates

WWE Power 25 rankings-WWE Updates


The WWE superstars, with an overview to week’s performances at Raw and Smackdown and in conjunction with the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences, are ranked on WWE.com at Power 25. The rankings for November 26, includes Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, Beth Phoenix, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder.


Wade Barrett

Claiming the fifth spot at Power 25, the English superstar led his team to victory at Survivor series against Randy Orton’s team. The match was strategically fought by Wade Barrett.




The Celtic Warrior, taking the sixth spot at Power 25, was disqualified from the 10-man tag-team match. He did a good job to batter his opponent to the extent that he was merely able to make come back, which left the advantage for Orton to strike. Sheamus made a good come back this week with two wins to his credit, on Raw and Smackdown.


Alberto Del Rio

Settling for the seventh spot at Power 25, the Mexican Aristocrat was not able to secure his title, on Sunday, at Survivor series against CM Punk, though Rio made many statements pre-match, but the statements were not enough to keep his agile opponent appeased.


Randy Orton

Orton turns in at eighth spot, on Power 25. Dominant as always, the Viper was not able to depict his charisma at Survivor series, as he lost a 10-man tag team match against Wade Barrett’s team.


Beth Phoenix

At ninth position on Power 25, Phoenix was dominant at Survivor series against Eve. She drilled her into the canvas with an amazing Glam Slam off the top rope. She not only secured her title at the event, but also proved that she can nearly devastate any of the diva in the locker room.


Daniel Bryan

The agile superstar, claiming tenth spot at Power 25, unsuccessfully cashed his Money in the Bank contract, as he pinned the knocked out Henry, this week at Smackdown. His win was counted as invalid, as Henry was unable to compete due to his sabotaged condition by the hands of Big Show, at Survivor series.


Zack Ryder

Ryder settles for the eleventh spot at Power 25. Days after his epic Survivor series match, Zack Ryder teamed with Sheamus to defeat U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger on SmackDown.

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