Vuvuzela’s will not destroy the serenity at Wimbledon 2010

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  • Vuvuzela’s will not destroy the serenity at Wimbledon 2010

Vuvuzela’s will not destroy the serenity at Wimbledon 2010

The old-fashioned serenity at the All England Club will not be permitted to be broken with the deafening sound of vuvuzela’s by excited Wimbledon crowds in any case. The Wimbledon championship will start from Monday, the 21st of June with all its fanfare. All the security personnel’s have been strictly been directed to seize the noise creators from South Africa in the courteous possible manner.


The chief executive of the All England Club, Ian Ritchie while sitting in his graceful wood panelled room of the office informed the media that there won’t be any vuvuzela’s present at the All England Club. A couple of people with such things can create such a noise that the Hill of Henman as well as the whole ground would listen them. So they are not appropriate for Wimbledon and will not allow them to enter.


The Grand Slam tournament does not care about the world's greatest soccer event. Ritchie, who is a self admitted huge fan of football, is obstinate that Wimbledon will display its matches on huge television screens unheeding the lush hill of Henman. According to him, it is equally fair to show football on huge screens especially when the Wembley stadium is airing tennis matches.


The tournament has no insecurity as far as the event of soccer is concerned and the officials are still pretty sure that long lines of people will march down from Church Road, directing towards Southfields which is the vicinity of a huge banished population of South Africa.


About a month ago, tickets were purchased by die heart tennis fans in advance. The only chance to drop in attendance might be on the day when the English team will be in action claims Ritchie.


The training sessions of Serena Williams as well as Roger Federer who are the defending champions from last year are in full operation at the club as drivers, caterers, cleaners, locker room attendants, flower arrangers, launderers, security staff, stewards, court coverers, lawn tenders, electricians, ticket sellers as well as the ball girls and boys will put on the finishing touches and conclude Wimbledon preparations.


There seems to be no terror or nervousness, just easy going productive training in the sessions.


The destructive effects of global credit crunch as well as financial inflexibility will not affect Wimbledon to a greater extent. An amount of more than $90 million was elevated during the last season due to the dispute at the Centre Court debenture that was highly over supplied.


The sponsors, broadcasters as well as the commercial partners all have newly prolonged contracts on friendly basis and business geniality. In the light of present scenario, Ritchie's indicator of success is appearing solid than ever before, he added.


This season the size has been trimmed to some extent after record audience of 511,000 people last year as the show court number three of the club is in a reconstruction process.


During the previous season, there were a total of four queues made by the crowd for purchasing tickets on the prescribed days where as many of the enthusiastic lovers kept on standing the whole night in the queue for getting their desired seats.


However, Ritchie places the spirit of Wimbledon slightly down to “Andy Murray element”. The entire local crowd will be expecting from Murray to win the Wimbledon Championship after a lengthy time period of about 74 years.


As far as the dress court of Wimbledon is concerned, many of the players find it stodgy to put white on the court surface as well as in Ritchie’s office where the link ups are mandatory.


However, Roger Federer who has triumphed at Wimbledon for a couple of times is extremely fond of all these customs that go side by side with the Wimbledon tournament. During the last few seasons, Federer wore a cream coloured cardigan that was exclusively designed for the event. Let’s see on Monday what the 29-year-old Federer has conceived for this season.


However, in any case, the rituals for the Grand Slam Tournament will remain the same for many years to come whether it’s a matter of dress court or the coolness of the location.



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