USA rugby star, Thretton Palamo, converts into a footballer.

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  • USA rugby star, Thretton Palamo, converts into a footballer.

USA rugby star, Thretton Palamo, converts into a footballer.

United States rugby star, Thretton Palamo, has converted into a footballer in his attempt to get a scholarship from Utah University. Palamo will give up rugby if he succeeds to earn a scholarship while playing football for his University.

He revealed earlier today that he wants to continue on his studies along with sports. He was part of the USA rugby team during the 2007 Rugby World Cup and thus became the youngest player to participate in a rugby world championship at the age of 19. Recently he has participated in Biarritz Olympic for the French side. He has a good record as a professional rugby player but he will now be parting ways with the sport. He inherited rugby from his father who was a key player for Samoa. His father professional rugby career attracted him to rugby at an early age.

Talking to a reporter regarding his current impulsive shift to football, Palamo said that he always felt that he should be a footballer rather than a rugby player. He added, "I grew up on rugby, but in the back of my mind I've always wanted to play football. At this point in my life I thought it would be perfect timing. Not only will I be playing football, but I'll be getting an education as well."

Palamo has started playing football in the field but at the same time he finds it very difficult. He feels awkward running with pads in his socks, Palamo revealed to the reporters. Initially, he is finding it to be a tough challenge to adjust to the football field. However, Utah’s coaches are confident Palamo will soon find himself in good colours. Norm Chow, the offensive coordinator, said that Palamo is running hard into the ground which is a good sign but he may stuggle with the culture difference between the two games.

Palamo commented about his new experience, "The mentality is definitely different. (In) football, a lot of times, coaches are like sergeants. It's like you signed up for the Army. Rugby is more lenient. With football, everyone's going to be working harder because it's their job on the line."