UEFA’s decision is wrong, Gattuso was offensive; Harry Redknapp

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  • UEFA’s decision is wrong, Gattuso was offensive; Harry Redknapp

UEFA’s decision is wrong, Gattuso was offensive; Harry Redknapp

Tottenham manager, Harry Redknapp, slams the UEFA’s decision to ban Joe Jordan. The assistant manager was banned by UEFA for one month following the accusations of being involved into improper conduct. He busted the touchline in a fired-up 1 - 0 victory over AC Milan at San Siro. Following the highly charged game between AC Milan and Tottenham, first leg clash of the last 16 of Champions League, AC Milan’s Gattuso was handed over a four matches ban. Gennaro Gattuso head - butted the Tottenham man after the tussle between the duo. The decision flared up Harry, although, Joe Jordan was not involved in any physical challenge on Thursday. The 59-year-old assistant wasn’t expecting a harsh verdict from UEFA, which also mystified Harry Redknapp.

UEFA affirmed that the pair was squared up at the touchline and Joe Jordan was involved in the improper conduct with AC Milan midfielder, Gattuso, on 15th February. Gattuso accused the Spurs coach for insulting him racially that raised his temper and he head-butted. Harry was not willing to accept the reckless move by the European governing body. He said, “How Joe has got a one match man, I don't know. What has he done? It just doesn't make sense to me. The man's done nothing wrong.”

Jordan can still appeal against the verdict until Sunday evening but he wouldn’t be able to communicate with his team and give instructions during the match, rather he could see the match sitting at the stand. Harry further added, “Others have been banned for one game for arguing with referees and Joe's done nothing. He doesn't deserve that, It's completely and utterly wrong and if there is an appeal system we should appeal.”

Spurs are now ready to take on nine-time European Champions, Real Madrid. Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema trio can be difficult to swallow by the Londoners. Redknapp inherited the squad two and half years ago when he was hired, it was just above the relegation stricken clubs. If Spurs thrash Real Madrid, they would possibly face Barcelona in the Semi Finals. He asserted that Real Madrid is one of the greatest names in world football. They are a great side. He added, “These are great days to have in your life and Tottenham Hotspur's history. You want to manage in these games and play in these games. The fans want them too so it couldn't be better.” Real Madrid boss, Jose Mourinho, congratulated his counterpart at White Hart Lane and also urged to appraise him in person when Spurs meet with Santiago Bernabeu at Champions League Quarter Finals. 


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