U.S. Team dressed in green and gold shirts – Raising money for the Charity

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  • U.S. Team dressed in green and gold shirts – Raising money for the Charity

U.S. Team dressed in green and gold shirts – Raising money for the Charity

Tuesday morning, the spectators at the Royal Melbourne watched U.S. team to practice on the course with green and gold coloured kits. Both these colours are Australian national colours and the purpose of this was to raise money for the charity.

"We teed off early and a few people have noticed and made comments. We took team photos today, and a few players were a little bit mystified on why we are not wearing red, white and blue.” U.S. Team captain Fred Couples said.

Fred Couples said that when he and the International captain Greg Norman came to Royal Melbourne in 2010, the storms and floods were creating a chaos around the country, especially in Melbourne.

In 2010, Victorian storms hit the Victorian state on 6th and 7th of March in 2010 and they were among the highest intensity storms that have ever passed over Greater Melbourne with flash flooding, strong hail and winds. At that time, it was called as a “mini cyclone”

The storms disrupted the transport system in Melbourne and left many building damaged due to the hail and heavy rain. At that time, many of the building were also evacuated like Southern Cross Stations and Flinders Street, civic buildings, shopping centres and the Docklands Stadium.

During the storms, Melbourne recorded 61 mm of rainfall which was more than the March average of 50 mm. 22 people got serious injuries due to hail at the Moomba Festival and were treated by paramedics. More than 50 families were also accommodated to the temporary places.

Couples visited the place at the same time with Norman.

"I just had this idea of coming here and hopefully to be quite honest, getting a few Aussies behind us and thinking we are pretty nice to come here and raise some money," he said.

"So I got this idea to wear their colours today. Obviously, it's Tuesday. I would never do it during the tournament. We are giving the money to the Australian Football League, their charities."

The shirts that U.S. team used in practice will be given to the Australian Football League which is the Australian Rules football’s governing body. The shirts have an American flag on it with autographs of the players practicing in Royal Melbourne. These shirts will be auctioned online from 26th of November and the proceeds from the auctions will be given to the charity groups that will distribute them to the homeless people and the disadvantaged Australians.

Couples said that the idea was to sell all of the shirts used in the practice and make around 25,000 to 30,000 Australian Dollars and give it to the AFL which will do whatever it wants to do with it. 


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