Tournament of Champions: Els dumps caddie for Mike Kerr

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  • Tournament of Champions: Els dumps caddie for Mike Kerr

Tournament of Champions: Els dumps caddie for Mike Kerr

Champion of Champions has a new agenda on mind for the new season, which is why he has hired the services of a new caddie.

Ernie Els hired Zimbabwe-born Mike Kerr as his caddie. The South African made the announcement one day before the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. The tournament will be hitting the Plantation Course in Kapalua Resort, Hawaii few hours from now.

While confirming the news Els said, “We made the decision at the end of last year. Mike is a nice quiet guy and I like to have a guy like that. I just wanted to make a change and have a guy who is a little different from what I have had before. He is a low-key, relaxed kid. And he's a good caddie."

The statement, ‘I like to have a guy like that’ spills some sort of disagreement between Els and his former caddies, Dan Quinn and Ricci Roberts. However, the three-time major winner did not comment on the commotion.

Els hired Quinn last year when he was already working with Roberts. The latter accompanied the PGA Grand Slam winner in 60 victories and poses to be a very good friend of the veteran.

Commenting about his relationship with his caddies Els said, “I spoke to Ricci and also with Dan. Dan was just a one-year thing and he did a great job for me and we're still friends. Me and Ricci, we are like brothers. He's going to get involved with my business a little bit so he's fine."

Els is excited and is confident for his new man. He believes that the pair will start a blasting season together. The Zimbabwean has a strong track record as he has worked with big names like Miguel Angel Jimenez, Nick Dougherty, and Trevor Immelman in the past. Hope he delivers the kind of services that Els is expecting.

The duo will tee off at 12.30 pm according to Hawaii’s standard time.  Els has bided on the trophy, which he once lifted in 2003 on the same course. Lets’ see what difference, Mike’s company brings to the game.





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